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Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 4:52PM
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Saturday the 17th of July Megacross kicked off round 5 of some great District 17 racing.   The track has been changed around a bit since everyone was here last mainly in the back section.  Some off camber jumps were added, whoops replaced and some of the tabletops stretched out a bit. This made for some great additions to an already great facility.  The racing was great as ever with Travis Sewell making an appearance with a break in the nationals this weekend certainly spiced things up as well. 

Travis Ward

The racing got underway tonight with air cooling off from the summer heat wave that finally made its way to Midwest.  Starting off with 14*24 flying out of the gates Colton Beard on the Kawaski got out front with Brian Krohn and Austin Wells banging bars through the first turn.  Krohn charging hard around the outside came into the whoops grabbing the lead while Travis Ward moved into third amongst the chaos. Krohn took off starting to pull away blasting through the table tops as Ward was chipping away at Beard in second as the laps ticked by.  On the third lap Ward found his chance and took the inside hard, taking over second while Matt Dissell followed him moving into third.  Coming across the line Krohn took the win followed by Ward and Dissell.

Chase Sexton getting a little muddy in practice250C lined up deep tonight with 19 riders packing into the gates as the night moved right along.  Charging hard into the first turn Cody Barnes came out front unscathed with Justin Peterson and Wade Schnowske lining up behind him for the hairpin.  Coming around the corner Petersons bike stalled out putting Schnowske up into second and Justin Carr moved up into third.  As the pack started spreading out Barnes was riding smooth and pulling away.  Moving down the straight Austin Beaty turned up the heat beating out Carr in the drag race to the corner taking over third.  Beaty was on a mission moving through the next section and over the table top to pass Schnowske and was heading for Barnes.   The laps ran out for Beaty putting in some great laps as Barnes crossed the checkers for the win with Schnowske holding on for third.

Cody Barnes

Open B was a great race tonight with 9 riders signing up for action.  Coming off the line Bryson Taylor out of Florida took the holeshot with Damon Thomas and Nate Hornung chasing him down.  I spoke with Taylor earlier in the night and he let me know that he had never raced stadium before, and was living up here for the summer training for Lorrettas.  You wouldnt know it by watching him as Taylor pushed his KTM out front for a large lead.  Coming around through the new section of track Matt Dissell made his move over the table tops to take over third as Thomas was shredding second trying to make up some time.  As the laps went by Dissell found an inside line and nailed it hard to get by Thomas going through the hairpin.  Then on the last lap Ryan Robinson had been charging hard and was also able to get around Thomas after several attempts to finally push in for third.  Flying over the finish line Taylor took the win followed by Dissell and Robinson.

Bryson TaylorThe race of the night had to go to Open A with some epic battles leaving everyone talking.  Blasting off the gates Travis Sewell, Maxx Malatia and Tom Hofmaster were three wide as Sewell ran out of space on the inside line and went down. Coming around the hairpin Hofmaster took over the lead with Kyle White digging in on the outside to grab second with his team mate Malatia right behind him.   The three kept the battle going up front as Sewell was on a mission coming from the back; picking people off on his way up front.  Coming over the finish line to the halfway flags Sewell had charged up to fourth place and was gaining on the front of the pack.   Coming into the bowl turn Malatia dug down on the inside of White to take over second and started to battle with Hofmaster. On the next lap coming down the straight Sewell took over White moving into third.  Flying back around heading for the white flag Malatia cut in at the end of the straight to take over the lead while Sewell blitzed through the whoops going inside of Hofmaster and Malatia taking over the lead.  In doing so Malatia ran out of  real estate going over the top of the berm.  He got right back in the game behind Hofmaster for third.  Coming over the finish line Sewell took the win followed by Hofmaster and Malatia.  

Maxx Malatia throwing some scrubs into the new section of the track.  Overall the races went off without a hitch tonight, lots of great racing and battles keeping the crowd on their feet.  The crew at Megacross worked hard getting everything sorted out with the new layout putting in a ton of hours and it was well worth the time making for a nice new addition to the track. Be sure to check out the Megacross website for the race schedule with the next round coming up August 3rd. For more photos of the event be sure to check out my website, and keep up with what I'm doing on Facebook and Instagram!


Logan Skaggs

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