Megacross: Bring on the Endurocross 

This past weekend Megacross was underway with a full house winding the season down.  Tonight was something new for everyone as Megacross built a full blown Endurocross section into the front of the grandstand area, adding 5 extraclasses making for some crowd pleasing action.  With summer coming to a close, and the days getting shorter the racing was still going full blast, with most classes packed tonight.     The ATV classes were cancelled for the last two events to make room for 5 classes of Endurocross.  "EX" racing has become very popular and has a strong following all across the country.  This night saw many "old" names return to Megacross to try the new layout.  The 30+ class was the biggest EX class for the night, 17 riders lined up to try their hand at the many obstacles "planted" right in front of the grandstands. Over 50 entries in the classes made for some great racing fun. Spectators came out to see the mayhem, and were treated to some very talented off road riders showing their skills over some pretty demanding conditions.  Some of the notable names out their tonight such as Adam Bonneur, Ryan Moss, Chase Robinson, Jeff Kaylor, Derek Toberman, Travis Ward, Riley and Mason Schuhler, along with Cody Barnes and Matt McDonald.  These were just some of the who's who in Midwest off road scene.

There were some great races this evening as always with the track conditions great out there.  Up at the gate first was 125cc with Robbie Hyson launching out into an early lead with Brennon Kershaw and Ben Ibianskis right behind him.  Coming through the hairpin RJ Mackenzie took the inside hard and got around Ibianskis to take over second as Hyson was starting to pull away right smooth as ever.  As the laps ticked down Kershaw and Mackenzie went back and forth a few times with Kershaw holding onto second crossing the finish line.  Hyson stayed out front on a great ride with Mackenzie taking third place for the night. 

Later on that night 65 Beginner charged hard off the line with twelve riders signing up tonight.  Coming into the first corner Ian Murphy was out front with the holeshot followed by Brett Aimone and Lucas Geistler.  Coming hard into the turn before the finish line Murphy went down as the entire pack has changed putting Aimone up front, Lolito Eguia moved up to second and Peyton Carpenter rounding out the top three.  After the finish line jump Eguia took the inside moving up to first only to get passed back by Aimone around the hairpin.  The two battled up front back and forth making a great race as Zennon Shain made his move charging up from a bad start taking over third place.  Coming down the start straight Eguia made his final run on Aimone and took over first to make it stick riding hard.  Coming over the finish line Equia took the win followed by Aimone in second and Shain holding on for third. 

Endurocross kicked off later in the evening. The interesting thing about this layout is that the very first bike in practice was the very first bike to ride it.  Brand new layout, and obstacles which were completely virgin to motorcycle tires.  The big Log and smaller logs were the multiple choice lines.  Go Big, or slower small section let the riders choose which was better for them.  The Dead wood trail consisted of 45 dead limbs installed with a post hole digger about 3-4' in the ground and no matter how hard they were hit, the stood there solid. Of course the typical angle logs in the trail and into the left turn around some tractor tires and directly into the water trap.  On to the Matrix Diamond which was interesting to see how the riders maneuvered this angle monstrosity.  A couple of tire climbs, led the riders around the scoring tower on a technical off camber.  S corner before the finish line, and the front whoops completed the race track layout which was about a 1:20 lap time!

 Racing action in the Endurocross class started off with 30+ class blasting off the line, the "log'' jam in the dead wood trail turned into off road goes demo derby! Tight trail, add the angle logs and it was pure chaos. Ryan Moss got out first and showed the rest of the field why he teaches off road to many.  Luke Kazinski, one of the first riders to double the logs in front was in front with Moss for a short time, as was Derek Toberman. Mike Capodice and Jeff Kaylor were also banging bars in the deadwood trail with Ryan George trying to get around in the maze as well.  On the last lap there was some real mayhem, as three riders got tangled up as Jesse Keith came from way back and passed them all.  Moss was gone, but Keith passed two riders on the deadwood trail, and then skipped over the mud covered entrance log to the water trap while Kaszynski, Capodice,and Kaylor were hung up.

 Ex A didn't let the spectators down with some early drama.  Adam Bonneur (GNCC pro class regular) got stuck in the gate, giving Ryan Moss the holeshot and local rider Riley Schuhler a solid second.  With the shorter style more intense racing Bonneur had to push hard to get to the front.  The first lap saw him pass a couple riders, and then in the second lap he passed into second place leaving him a lap to reel in an escaping Moss.  On the white flag lap, Moss and Bonneur came into the log section and no one double doubled on the big logs til now, Bonneur's 450 roared and he cleared the second set getting past Moss.  Moss did not want to let it go that easy and stuffed it inside Bonneur only to tip over on the corner log.  Schuhler filled the last spot on the podium with Hall's Cycles Jeff Kaylor taking 4th and Chase Robinson getting 5th.

 Mason Schuhler and Cody Barnes rekindled their rivalry in the Mini class, the boys were hammering it and were head to head for the entire race until the last lap when Barnes made a slight mistake and Schuhler got away.  Tanner Whipple and Buddy Fortune diced the whole night.  Buddy took a splash in the water trap as he changed colors after his debacle.

 Notable mentions, Brennon Kershaw won the Ex B class, Mason Schuhler, and Brett Holmes filling the podium.  EX C class saw Bryce Jacobs returning to racing after a good amount of time off winning this class, Matt McDonald (current HS C class leader) and Casey Shatters high tailed it from work north of Green Bay to make it in time to race took third. Ex racing's first event at Megacross was a pretty solid success, 2014 will be interesting to see how riders adapt to the changing layouts.  


Open A came out stacked tonight with eleven riders blasting off the gate, Jetti Pifer got out to an early lead with Logan Skaggs and Tom Hofmaster right behind him. Moving through the first set of whoops Hofmaster was on it hard and moved into the lead with Skaggs holding onto second and Travis Sewell making the trip over from Indiana moved into third.  Sewell was on it hard out on a KTM tonight getting a bad start, came blasting through the pack on the table tops and right on Hofmaster back tire coming down the start straight.  Hofmaster was holding him off, but Sewell finally made it stick going through the back tabletops to move into first.  Meanwhile Skaggs was holding onto third strong riding extremely well tonight only to have an unfortunate trip over the bars putting out of the race.  This moved Mark Marincic up into third place out in his first A class race, he has been running B class all summer and was showing some great speed.  The checkered flag came out with Sewell taking the win followed by Hofmaster and Marincic.

Open B wasn’t short on action either as night moved along.  The gates came down as Jordan Mackiewicz took the holeshot followed up by Steve Brookhouse and a name I know well from Arenacross last winter, Jacob Lancaster started off the night in third.  Heading into the tabletops Lancaster started his charge moving into second with Brookhouse holding onto a solid third.  Coming into the bowl turn Lancaster went hard on the inside to move up into the lead with Mackiewicz close behind him.  With the white flag waving Jesse Keith had been on the charge and made it around Brookhouse taking over third and holding it until the end of the race.  Flying across the finish line Lancaster took the win with Mackiewicz in second and Keith in third. 

It was a great night out at Megacross as always! The weather was perfect actually getting pretty cold at night.  The turnout was great tonight with the Endurocross racing adding some extra flavor to the program was a great way to shake things up a little bit.  There is one more race this year being the Pro-AM scheduled for the 28th of September. Check out for more details and if your be sure to look into for woods and offroad racing in the Midwest as well! 

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