6-06-2015 Megacross Photo Report

Geistler Rails the sand berm at Megacross

This past Saturday Megacross round 3 was underway.  The Midwest has been having a rough time with the weather this spring and the season already flying by.  Megacross has been evolving since the end of last year to add some new twists to the track. There is now a very interesting sand section before the finish and a triple added to the back along with some minor shifts in turns to create a better flow. Things are coming along nicely out there and the riders are enjoying some fresh updates to the track.  The races are flying by this summer with more exciting things to come in the future.  Next month the endurocoss track will be back with some interesting ideas being thrown around, not set in stone of course.  Imagine hooking an endurocross track into a stadium track and having to run them both together.  The stadium guys having to jump some logs and tires, and the EX guys hitting some ruts and jumps.  It would certainly be interesting.  It would also be a separate class for anyone wanting to try, not the new track layout mind you. 

Even at his elder statesman status, Hofmaster is still as intense as a 16 year old!

The racing was great tonight, the track was holding up perfect with only a little water needed through-out the night, but the ruts were dialed in.  A great race to watch tonight was the little ripper's out there in 65 beginner.  The race started with Coleton Elliot out front followed up by Peter Parenti and Landon Lee.  The three of them battled for positions through-out the entire race.  Coming up on the last lap Parenti went for it through the chicane going from third all the way to first. As they made their way around for the final lap Kody Shetler was moving up hard and got by Elliot to take over third.  They came across the finish with Parenti taking the win putting Lee in second and Shetler hanging on for third.

Peter Parenti having fun out front in the 65 beginner class

There was some great action in the B class tonight with almost a full gate charging the first corner.  RJ Mackenzie came out in the lead, but got held up on the inside of the second turn boosting Trevor Hayes out into the lead with Austin Beaty right behind him. This left Mackenzie in third charging back up front among the bikes everywhere through the first two corners.  Hayes held on to lead for a majority of the race with Mackenzie moving up to second and Robbie Hyson taking over third as he was on a mission from getting squeezed out in the first corner.  Coming out of the whoops the pack got bunched up on the inside leaving a hole of Hyson to jump out into the lead with Mackenzie following.  Hitting the checkered flag it was Hyson holding on for the win with Mackenzie and Hayes rounding out the podium.

RJ Mckenzie shows he can do it OLD School with his power sliding style!

Bringing the night to a close 85 Sr had a great battle going on with some tight racing up front.  The gates dropped with Conner Burger taking the lead with Brandon Elliott and Tommy Fortune Jr together tight going into the next corner.  Fortune got a good line through the inside moving up to second and started to chip away at Burger as they both started to make some ground on the rest of the pack.  They were both riding as hard as possible; it was great to watch as they went back and forth.  In the end Fortune was able to make a pass stick as they crossed the line after a hard race.  Burger would take second for the night with Elliott holding off Travis Wilkinson to take third. 

 Tommy Fortune found some great lines in the new sand section out at Megacross

It was a great night of racing under the lights out at Mendota.  Megacross should be on your list if you are traveling through the Midwest, as well as Fox Valley off road for some great woods riding.  You can click here for full results of the night, and click here for a full gallery of photos from the night.  Be sure to check out the Megacross website for upcoming race dates and more information on the track.  

Travis Ward's Service Honda 125 is being pummeled this season.

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