Bo-man Style Check

Patrick Murphy (Bo-man) is an up and coming local rider to the Illinois area really making leaps and bounds with his speed and program.  I’ve been following his progress since he was on 65’s and now moving into 85’s and starting to make some waves. He’s been training with Tommy Hofmaster for a couple years now and his speed and style is starting to really shine.  Most recently he just moved up to a program with Rock River Yamaha and is out there killing it. 

Everything is getting dialed in with the end of the Midwest racing season coming to close.  Bo-man is still going to be pushing hard with an appearance at Mini-o’s coming up soon, and next year will be a main focus on the amateur national circuit with the biggest push being for a top spot at Loretta’s.  Here are some photos from the weekend we grabbed out at Sunset Ridge MX and be sure to keep an eye out for the 94 ripping that sick Bill’s Pipes handmade pipe around the track, it sounds really good.

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