Loretta Lynn's || Competition Day #1 || Trackside rewind

It just didn’t feel like a morning at the ranch. With cloudy skies, and temperatures in the mid 60s, the feel of Hurricane Mills TN was more reminiscent of a spring morning in Millville Minnesota. It was now the 1st day of competition at Loretta Lynn’s, with 450B starting the charge at 7:30 AM that morning. 

Being the 1st to race in the entire competition comes with a host of benefits or disadvantages. No need to worry about which gate has a straight or crooked rut, it’s all fresh and clean. That said, the track is always muddy to start off the day at Loretta’s, regardless of rain. To ensure the track is moist and loamy, the crew digs in and soaks the dirt with relentless guile. Some love it, some hate it, but it’s all part of life at the ranch.

Seth Fischer, Alex Ingalls and Mateo Johnson  were some of D23 riders that received first call to the gate. Opening Loretta’s for 2017 was a challenge or everyone in 450B limited, with soupy conditions and heavy moisture in the air, it was really hard on bikes and riders. Muddy roost was a factor in keeping machines cool, and goggles clean for everyone.

While Jada Murphy found herself in only the 3rd race, track conditions had improved considerably already. Jada found good lines and despite intense competition and still wet conditions, finished out her 1st time on the track in 11th. 

Cool temps and cool heads prevailed during 85cc 9-12. The class was stacked with both US and Canadian riders who made the trek down to TN for the national. Jesse Jacobsen was among the 3 riders of our area to partake in this class. Jesse would finish 26th in his first moto.

Intimidating is one word that can wrap around the entire experience at Loretta Lynn’s. Talking to Dalton Hein’s father after one of his motos, he stated this is a totally new experience for him and somewhat overwhelming. Regardless, Dalton was able to get some fast lap times that his 26th place finish didn’t reflect.  

Most of the story at Loretta Lynn’s comes from those that never really see track time themselves. Family, Mechanics, and friends that tag along, are a big part of the sucsess that happens on the dirt. They may rotate from one side of the track to the other, but you will always find a familiar face watching throughout the day.

Please keep tuned to HardlineMX for further coverage from Loretta Lynn’s during the next couple of weeks. We hope to continue our recap of this event in both photos & videos during that scope of time.  

We at HardlineMX have to thank Black Diamond MX, Ride Brand clothing, Custom Apparel, Clough Brothers Racing, and the Boaz family for all the support & hospitality during our 2017 season. Without all of you, our coverage would be impossible. 


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