Loretta Lynn's || Competition Day #2 || Trackside rewind

Now into the 2nd morning of competition, we were far from having completed the first set of motos for all 35 classes competing this season. As of 7AM Wednesday, 12 more gate drops needed to occur before the program reset for second motos. First up for only the 2nd day of competition, was 65cc 10-11.

Gone were the clouds and fog seen on Tuesday, however, the high humidity and wet track conditions again welcomed the fleet of small bikes primed to break into heavy AM competition. Besides that, weather remained fair overall for the entire day, providing a great playground for competitors in all classes fighting for their spot on the podium.

PDR Performance backed rider, Austin Kienast was one of the lucky guys to also start off early, in his College 18-24 moto. Being the 2nd moto on track, the only ruts his class had to contend with came form that of 65cc bikes. Normally not an issue on any other track, but, this is Loretta Lynn’s, where even 65cc bikes have the cutting power of a John Deere. Austin would finish this moto in 21st, having moved up a respectable 13 positions in this moto.


Michael Bennett Performance / Focus Aparrel backed, Josh Boaz, seen here testing out the Dunlop grip inside his AM gate pick within Schoolboy 2. Now into the 3rd moto of the day, Track conditions were staring to get rough, however, Josh would manage to maintain a spot in the top 10 during most of the moto, dropping back to 11th and finishing in that position.


Michigan rider Tyler Huey encountered a bit of Hump Day troubles while exiting the 10 commandments. Besides the humor in that situation, Tyler is one fast kid who put together some seriously fast times at Spring Creek for the North Central Regional, beating some local favorites from our area. Hard for Tyler to hide in gear that loud eh? 


Focus Aparrel rider, Aaron Boatman was in good spirits alongside his mechanic / sponsor, Jordin Eustace. This was Aaron’s first time qualifying to the ranch, and he made a name for himself by having some great starts, with only a minor tail slide separating him from having the Bell Helmets holeshot award.  


It’s hard to consider an event like this a national, if there wasn’t hordes of media on track trying to capture moments for riders and families that follow the sport. I always enjoy running into some of my personal friends at events like this, including that of Martha Farmer (@Mepmx).


Loretta Lynn’s MX also attracts a fair share of Canadian riders across many classes, such as the 94 of Preston Masciangelo. Preston is a member of the growing number of elite riders growing up in Canada, and has made many trips to LLMX in his lifetime. Preston would earn more than 1 Bell Holeshot award during the weekend, and had good finishes in what is one of the most stacked classes currently in Amateur Motocross.

Knowing how hard Plainview Powersports / ClubMX Backed Trevin Nelson and his family have worked to make Loretta Lynn’s happen, it was heartbreaking to watch his 1st moto in Mini Senior 2 start off so rocky. In a move more akin to local race starts, Trevin's Kawasaki dug into the Loretta's dirt so hard he was rocketed off the back of his machine as the rest of the class thundered away. Regardless, Trevin was in good spirits, and shrugged off the mishap, and put his head down and charged hard. Trevin went from far beyond dead last, pushing himself into a solid 23rd place finish. Had the moto been longer I am positive he would have continued picking off riders well into the teens.  


Day 2 of competition saw the first of three consecutive race days for the 50cc riders. for simplicity in scheduling track maintenance and usually more favorable track conditions, 50CC bikes run during the middle of the day during this national. Before these young rippers take off for their 1st moto, the MX Sports crew freshens up the track, killing off many of the deeper ruts that would make many of these 50cc bikes and their riders disappear. For our region, Bentlee Walker, and Coen Abel represented 50cc 4-6 Limited. This all Cobra Motorcycles based class is stacked with some serious talent, making it a true challenge for two kids that often run up front at our local tracks. Both of these young rippers were able to move up 10 positions by the close of their race, with Bentlee Walker having the advantage of a better start, finishing him out in 6th under the tent. Some bike problems slowed down Coen Abel out of the gate, however he would jump from 30th to 20th, getting in all 5 of his laps before the checkers flew.


Nobody could make the trip to Loretta Lynn’s without the support of family, friends, and people within the industry. One person that has been there for many riders is Nick Jackson from Black Diamond MX, which includes his own backers of Plainview Powersports. It was awesome to see people like him, as well as Clay Olson from PDR Performance, make the trip down to the ranch to help support riders.

In this instance, Plainview Powersports rider Jayden Clough was celebrating a solid 8th place finish in his 2nd moto of Mini Senior 1. Jayden and Nick ended up making a great team during the 2017 LL championship. Some say they even traded places during one of Nick’s races. But, you will have to keep tuned to Saturday to find out if that is true!

We at HardlineMX have to thank Black Diamond MX, Ride Brand clothing, Custom Apparel, Clough Brothers Racing, and the Boaz family for all the support & hospitality during our 2017 season. Without all of you, our coverage would be impossible. 

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