Houston Supercross || Quick Throwback Photo Report

Words and Photos by Matt Wellumson (@mxmatt)

2018 saw Houston as the second stop of the Monster energy supercross series, and for me a welcome escape from the cold north for the first time this year. With health issues in the family, I haven’t been able to travel  since my return from Loretta Lynn’s in August last summer. While any trip can be somewhat of a vacation, I take my time at Supercross events quite seriously overall, with press day as an immediate task after my flight. Regardless of that, I had some local guides and quite a few places I wanted to visit during my trip down to Houston Texas.

Just a minor distraction that Houston has to offer tourists. Platypus Brewing is an Australian themed pub that sits just outside Houston. Using different hops than your normal beers, it is a unique flavor and a great experience.


2018 marks 10 years for me covering the sport of Supercross, and despite the successes and work I have put into my coverage, it is starting off with a big step backwards in my freelance career. I can’t blame anyone, as it is how things are going in this world of Lawyers and Insurance agents, however, this is the first time I was not permitted on the floor for a Supercross round since I started covering this sport. With this limitation, it made my job MUCH harder with regards to covering what I need to for my main client (MXP Magazine), as well as my privateer and smaller media outlets I assist. 

At the end of the day the track denial wasn’t the biggest issue for my covering this round, as quite honestly, I prefer the high ground (perhaps from my time at Millville), it was the red tape and locked doors thrust at me that greatly slowed my navigating the stadium overall. 


There was no way for me to quickly travel from the 1st row (where I could shoot), to the pit area to capture a quick interview after a practice or race section. I had one path, full of obstacles that made it almost impossible for me to quickly shift gears from covering race action, to getting the key behind the scenes activities I am tasked to cover.

Despite these limitations, my trip and coverage at Houston went okay, however I missed some critical candid, and behind the scenes shots that help fund my way to these events. All that aside, let us dive into some of the back story that happened during this round of Supercross.


Two individuals that made the long roadtrip across country were the TXS Productions teammates of Bubba Pauli (@bubbapauli) and Michael Akaydin (@akaydin918).  Already strapped for time, and having just spent considerable money on a new team transport, they ran into some significant mechanical issues not far from their Houston destination. This resulted in them having to hire in a moving truck to take the place of their new sprinter van.


Despite the troubles, these guys made the best of it by them both earning a spot in the night show. Such a success is something that greatly helps justify the trip, and helps pad the pocketbooks a little. Despite a last minute suspension change, Pauli was still able to swap parts, and gather himself well enough to score a holeshot during the 450 LCQ race. Unfortunately neither made it through the LCQ, however these two individuals never back down from a challenge and I expect to see them in a few mains later this season.

For the first time since 2018, KTM has brought back the junior Race action that they are known for. In this round, one such rider was Coen Abel (@coenabel787) out of Austin Minnesota. This kid has had one heck of a 2017 after qualifying for his first Loretta Lynn’s Race of his life, a feat that it has to be hard to top by any other type of race. One event that may have done that for Coen was that of the KTM Junior Supercross challenge. 

It’s hard not to smile when you are on pro track walk at monster energy supercross. I can imagine the same smile was in his face as he was throwing roost in the sand section. You can’t really slow down a Millville rider with sand, but nice try Feld! Coen would go on to finish 8th, which isn’t bad considering KTM is a new machine for this kid who normally pilots Cobra Motorcycles.


Chase Sexton (@_chasesexton) is one of those riders you just want to see do well at whatever he takes on. I have only had the opportunity to shoot / film him on the rare occasion he came to Minnesota to race Millville, or, at Loretta Lynn’s ranch. Despite this, he has always been an approachable person, one that is always polite, and doesn’t seem to let his success get too deep into his head. This same trait is held by both Martin brothers, Ryan Dungey, and Christian Craig. In my mind, this is great company to be within, as each of those riders have had great support from sponsors, and an ever growing fanbase. 

Chase would end up having a rocking night in Houston, earning his career first Supercross podium. I think this kid will have an awesome future in this sport, and I hope I get to be at many more of his best races!

I know this is report is on the shorter end, however as a bit of a parting shot, I can share up a video I edited together for my friends over at MXP Magazine (@mxpmag) . 

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