Spring Creek MX 2018 Loretta Lynn's Regional || Media Report

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The saying goes,  when it rains it pours. A simple statement, yet one that has a profound meaning when applied to our sport of Motocross. Leading into what is arguably the biggest and most hotly contested Moto event held at Spring Creek MX for the year, Mother Nature decided to spice things up for the competition.

With practice not yet over,  clouds were beginning to roll in, making SCMX Park look exactly like it did at the close of the 2017 Amateur Regional. In that event, heavy rain flooded portions of the track and property, causing Spring Creek, and AMA to call the event, shutting down competition immediately. With similar rain coming in on Friday Evening, many feared that this regional would mirror that of RedBud the week before. A complete, mud race.

For a regional, per rider, there are often hundreds if not thousands of hours which have gone into preparation for this, and other qualifying events like it. For many, simply making it to the the ranch is an accomplishment in itself. For those reasons alone, put huge pressure on riders and promoters to make sure that a Regional race runs smoothly.

Thankfully the rain had held off until after the 1st 2 sessions, and only impacted the later half of the 3rd Session. See here, Alex Ingalls is hot on the throttle working to keep that KTM on the powerband.


With fathers day right around the corner, it was great to see some solid family teamwork at the track prior to race day.


Rain did pass shortly after practice, however it was eventually replaced with a much more powerful storm system that brought torrential rain for long periods overnight leading into race day. 


Upon my returning to my Rochester hotel, I completed and uploaded a practice day report that can be seen here (LINK)


As evidenced by this shot of the AM riders meeting, Rain had continued well into the morning, and was poised to impact the start of racing itself. Due to track conditions and continuing rain, Race start was delayed until 12:30PM.


Besides a very muddy sight lap for riders who risked machine and limb, the first bikes out on Saturday came from Schoolboy 2, A class normally seen at Youth Regionals across the country. In the case, the competition was stacked, seeing some great talent putting everything on the line to make it to the ranch.

By the first lap, scoring and photography was nearly an impossible task. The only thing that identifies Austin Aspros in this shot, is his trademark helmet.


I have to say, after working many types of motorsports over the years, I find the trackside medics at Spring Creek MX to be some of the best in the business. This includes my 10 years of experience working with Rally America, which included events such as  a 1 hour rescue of a crash victim that rolled his car, and, delivering first aid to Ken Block after he knocked down a tree on my stage. The guys that work at Spring Creek are level headed, and know exactly what needs to get done. If you see one of them in passing, be sure to say hello, offer them some cool drinks, and just do your best to make sure they feel welcome!


Sadly a common site during the first half of the day. Traction was a problem for some portions of the track as mud was tilled up by high powered moto tires.


One thing you could almost always count on during a Mud race, is easy identification of the race leader. That clear number plate on the front of Grant Harlan’s Yamaha is almost a trophy in itself


Frank Colavita made his first ever trek out to Spring Creek MX for the regional. And while he did not end up in a qualifying position, he made memories and said he was looking forward to a return to this track again in the future. Nothing beats having a good time at the moto track!


Similar to crashes, bike problems were also quite common at this event due to sticky mud blocking radiators, binding chains, and causing other mechanical faults. One big reason we recommend people look into products such as Moto Case’s Mudflector protection systems which help keep radiators clean and air flowing!


This guy never takes a break, and if he does, John Martin tends to have a radio in one hand, and a shovel in the other. Seen here, he is heading out to drag some of the loose mud off of track surfaces, to help improve safety of the track as it started to dry up midday. 


Moto Moms. It’s not uncommon to see family members having a great time at the track, and when you see these two, everyone knows the party has arrived!


Enjoy those clean bikes kids!


It is nice to see one of the hardest working individuals in the industry, getting some seat time at a qualifying event. Matt Dohrn of Plainview Powersports hardly ever stands still, or takes time for himself. It was nice to see him throw a leg over the bike and put down some laps at the North Central Regional. 


We see this kid usually only once a year at Spring Creek, but Motozone promoter’s son Carter Biese now has a Loretta’s championship under his belt, and rode well at Spring Creek MX. His riding was more on the conservative side during this race, but in my opnion that is the smartest approach. There is little glory in crashing out pushing yourself too far at a qualifier. It’s best to be consistent and earn the points needed to make the national


Among the many riders below, Ryder Hanninen ended up earning his ticket to ride at the ranch for 2018. Having known this kid (only in passing) for a few years now, I rarely see anyone with more focus on the track, while also possessing such a humble attitude in the pits. As proven at this regional, never count out the quiet kid at the track. With Ryder’s training and focus, he was able to get better starts, and finishes than some big name factory backed riders.


HardlineMX Gallery Click Here 


Below is a roster of some of our D23 Regulars, or, alumni who have moved onto other places in our great nation. Big congrats to all of you, and see you at the ranch!


Open Pro Sport

Sam Wise

Mateo Johnson



Curtis Biorn



Ryder Hanninen

Sam Wise



Josh Boaz


250B Limited

Josh Boaz

Austin Aspros



Weston Milas

Trevor Bonnicksen


250C Limited


250c Jr Limited

Deegan Hepp

Casey Paider


450B Limited

Josh Boaz

Austin Aspros

Pierce Knight*



Casey Paider

Colton Exner

Trevor Bonnicksen



Ryder Hanninen

Austin Kienast


Junior 25+

Nate Kohnke

Clay Olson


Vet 30+

Brad Behrens

Steven Lorr


Senior 40+

Patrick Donaho

Bill Medek


Senior 45+

Bill Medek


Masters 50+

Duane Kuiken


Schoolboy 2

Josh Boaz

Pierce Knight*


Overall Results


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