Photo Report || Spring Creek Viking Clash 2018

As summer continues to fly by as if we were aboard Tomac’s 450 blitzing through the season, the 2018 Spring Creek Viking clash has passed us by. In this event, we saw the typical high speed action we expect at Minnesota’s only national track. For myself, despite the years of experience doing Supercross, Pro nationals, and Loretta Lynn’s, I tend to look forward to this event over some of those venues. 

How is that possible? Well to answer my own question, it comes down to more than just racing. The activities that vendors and Spring Creek both put on for this event often rival those that happen at the Pro National. The event also tends to have more D23 regulars in attendance as opposed to outsiders, including a much stronger family feel to. What’s more, I often like the weather and shooting conditions much more at this time of the year. It is (in my mind) the best part of summer, and with Loretta’s over, and school coming right around the corner, provides some of the most competitive, yet fun racing of the year. 

Vaith Cycle kicks off the Saturday evening fun with their annual water balloon toss. Participants must toss and catch balloons without dropping them. Winners earn various prizes offered up by Vaith’s cycle. The best part may be the water balloon fight that takes place afterwards.


Perhaps the most anticipated event is the Tug o War that Spring creek itself sponsors. What amazes me from this group of youth warriors, is how much of a fight the 2nd place team of younger boys and girls gave team Putt Putt, AKA team Gym rat. Goes to show you, don’t judge a book by its cover!

Nothing beats the support of family when trackside. Collin Megaw  leading the pack in this race with his dad providing some visual encouragement. 

It is awesome seeing micro track graduates spending time with the younger kids that look up to them. 

When she is not supervising the flagging staff at Spring Creek, you can often see Cindy Fuller lending a hand to riders in need.

It still feels like it was only a couple years ago that I watched a much younger Ben Adamson blazing down this hill on 65cc bikes. Even though I also saw him cartwheel down the later half of this hill (off his bike), that event never phased him. Ben is now a pro card carrier, and made his debut at is home track only last month.

Hard to believe this guy is still relatively new to the sport. After his first trip to Lorettas, Kollin Lund is no stranger to railing corners. Many riders loved the deep banked berm turning people around in the Sand wash. It provided some awesome shooting for myself throughout the weekend.

I had the opportunity to chat with Vet rider Dave Williams  last weekend. Despite the class he rides in, I have seen improvement in his riding over the years too. Despite this, he is still intimidated by a few places on this infamous track. Seen here hitting one of the bigger doubles in the track’s back section, Dave makes it look easy.


Speaking of railing. To me nothing sounds better than a 125 ripping through the sand wash at spring creek. Some of the best racing to watch in this section is always 125cc and Schoolboy1 class. Some of the best sounds of the weekend come from here every round. Here we see the 25 of Westin Milas in battle with the 229 of Cameron Skaalerud. 


Recently moving up to the ranks of big bikes, Jayden Clough made his debut on a 125 during this round of Spring Creek. One of the best races to watch during the day was between himself and close friend Cameron Skaalerud. These two rip, and always have some back and forth action on the track. For the record, Jayden is actually 2 months older than Cameron, a fact that many spectators are amazed to hear.


Younger brother to Chase Graba, Maxwell is one of those 85cc riders to watch. While he may not yet have the Spring Creek race winning resume of his brother, it is hard to miss his good form and great corner speed this kid has. Watch out Chase, little bro is gunning for you.


Tanner Schlegel recently returned from his first trip to Lorettas. While his trip ended on a bad note, it didn’t slow him down from pushing hard at the ranch. Tanner found himself on the podium more than once, and had some great battles wit other local fast kids.  

Good sportsmanship is one of the big factors that keep me coming back to this sport. Following in the footsteps of some older riders. We often see 65 and 85cc riders stop midway down the start straight to give thumbs up, and to chat with other riders about the race. It is a great thing to see in this sport of individuals. It is all too easy to disappear into a camper after a race. 


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