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Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 4:52PM
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If you live for the fast paced action of motocross, and love non-stop action, be sure you stick around  through Sunday for any Supercross  event featuring an encore Futures race the following day. There is hardly a spare moment where the track is vacant, nor does the competition disappoint anyone who ventures out to spectate this newest addition to the Supercross series.

As the name strongly hints, Supercross Futures is the official advancement platform for Monster Energy Supercross. Replacing Arenacross, this event series will help A-Class riders earn their Pro card, allowing them to participate in the even faster paced world of Supercross. For other amateurs, doing well at this event unlocks the prestigious final round, celebrating the close of the Supercross season in Las Vegas. In both cases, if you intend to pick up your golden ticket for either advancement, you must do well at Supercross Futures!


While the format is not new, (they previewed this back in 2018 in Atlanta) the amateur race action at futures is different at every round. Many of the riders must balance daily life / work / school, and other personal obligations to participate in these rounds. While the event is geared for Amateurs, the daily life dynamic in place for these races, means no two events are alike.


For the Indianapolis round, HardlineMX was there to shadow many of the upper midwest riders we also follow during summer season that includes district racing, Loretta Lynn’s qualifiers, as well as the full week at the ranch. Over the years, HardlineMX has had the opportunity to meet and interview a plethora of amazing riders. With that, lets check in on some of those we had the honor of watching during the Indianapolis round of Supercross Futures.


Dan Dvorak did good work on the Indiana Dirt, keeping within the top 10 during his heat races, earning his spot into the main event. While he may not be super thrilled with his 20th place finish in 250B, keep in mind that he is a fresh entry into the world of B Class racing, and yet one of the most modest kids you will ever meet.


Quiet and unassuming would be the only way I could describe Talan Zollars. Having first met him at Loretta Lynn’s ranch after bike problems stopped his race day, he was far more level headed and polite than I would ever have expected at that event. The quiet demineur hasn’t changed here at Supercross futures, however his results have. Talan earned 3rd overall in Supermini 1, and nearly as well with 4th during Supermini 2.  


Sam Wise known locally to some as Samsquatch™ , is a dude from my area that has been spending considerable time working on advancing his riding skills down at ClubMX. Overall his time has been well spent as he is starting to make a name for himself out there with solid results, and a positive attitude. The attention to his riding showed well with his qualify times and a rocking start for his heat race in SX Futures. 

Unfortunately the rush was cut short by competitors attempt to pass which took out Sam (and injuring him) as well as impacting other riders. Sam ended his day in Hospital with cracked ribs, and a bruised lung. As a rider and former competitor myself I can understand the red mist that happens during a race, but it is hard to see the logic in this crash considering everyone in the top 5 had a guaranteed spot in the heat race which was lost for all involved. Hopefully the rest of Sam's season is free of such incidents.


Perhaps a trip back to familiar territory for the Povolny family, James was putting in work out on track in the super competitive Schoolboy 1 class. For heat #1, James had a fair start and the end of lap 1 he found himself within the top 10. When most would be content with moving within a qualifying spot, James put his head down and charged forward. As if he was being pushed, James managed to claw his way all the way up to 4th place by the end of lap 3 which was also his fastest this moto. Unclear (from my prospective) if a slip on his part, or a bump by another competitor was involved, however James lost one position finishing out in 5th by the end of heat 1. Povolny would have a repeat result in Moto #2 however in this case he was able to establish that spot early on, and remain consistant throughout the entire race. 


Minnesota Native Josh Boaz just recently made he jump to A Class with only minimal time at this level of competition. This is a rider I have known for quite a while and having watched him grow up racing, it was really neat to see him at this level of competition.

Initially he was complaining a bit about not liking Supercross style racing when talking to him after his earning 9th in his heat race. From what I gather, his opinion flipped after a hole shot and moto win during his LCQ race. Josh went on to finish 6th in the main after maintaining fairly consistent lap times. At the end of the day, Josh left this event with points towards his Supercross license and perhaps a better feeling about his skills in Supercross style racing.


When Matt Dohrn isn’t busy moving bikes out the front door of his Plainview Kawasaki dealership, he occasionally gets the opportunity to throw a leg over a bike himself. Matt participated in the 35+ class at SX Futures, and appeared to get more comfortable with this style track as the day progressed. 

Matt worked his way up from his 12th place finish in the heat, to a solid spot within the top 10 with 8th overall. It is nice to see that one of the top Kawi dealers in the region knows how to use the products he sells ;) . 


One of the most stacked classes at any event happens to be Open B, and locked into the middle of this field was Cole Prichard. For a guy that is usually supporting other people in the pits, or around school sports he coaches, it was nice to see him out on track for a change. 


Cole was poised for an awesome start within the first  heat of Open B, when he soon found himself as part of the landscape ahead of a swarm of hungry riders. An athlete that is familiar with a different type of takedown, Cole ended up with a mild concussion after this incident. 


Despite this setback, Cole was able to finish his only Moto at Supercross futures and rode well with solid form until the checkered flag flew. He left with high spirits and more importantly, no lingering injury from this incident. Here’s hoping he has a great rest of the season! 

Cole Kish may be the last in this photo report (and our 2nd Cole), however he was far from that on the track this past weekend in Indianapolis. After he himself just finished a busy Wrestling season, Kish was ready to bring his fitness over to his other favorite sport. His return was well sorted as and took on skilled competition in 85cc 9-15 and 9-12. Overall Kish combined great line choices with a awesome starts to land himself in 3rd (Later adjusted to 2nd!) in 9-15, with 1st in his 9-12 heat race!

His strong Moto #1 finish placed him in a great point to dive into the 9-15 main where despite a less successful start, some skill, defensive riding, and perhaps a bit of luck helped him pick off competition. Cole was able to move up from 7th or 8th at the start and move into a solid 4th nearly 20 seconds ahead of the next rider. Never one to settle, Cole outdid himself in his 9-12 final and ended up sweeping that class 1-1 for 1st overall. Not bad for a kid that took the winter off to lay on a soft mat ;) . 


Like any race there was a bit of stress for riders, spectators and even myself in attending Supercross Futures, but at the end of the day, and looking back, I think it is totally a worthwhile experience. Those that missed out still have a couple more opportunities to take place in the action before the Vegas final. We hope to see more from our region make the trek to land themselves in either Houston or the Denver stop. HardlineMX hopes to have the opportunity to continue coverage of this great segment of our sport

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