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HMX Rewind | Staples D23 (4/9) | HardlineMX

HardlineMX Rewind video from the 2017 ARMCA District 23 motocross series race at Motocity Raceway in Staples, MN.

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HMX GoPro | Casey Hultgren - Staples D23 (+25 "A" - Moto 1) | HardlineMX

Race along with Casey Hultgren in moto 1 of +25 "A" at Motocity Raceway in Staples, MN.


Saint Louis Supercross 2017 || Interviews || Dungey, Pauli, Duffe, Robin

Listen in as we catch up with some great people in the Moto industry during their stop at St. Louis for Supercross for 2017.While this video is a bit long for a supercross recap, it should give some up and coming riders or future mechanics some great tips on how to start their career in the moto industry! In this video we catch up with riders Ryan Dungey, Bubba Pauli, and Jerry Robin regarding their season, and get some advice from them for upcoming individuals in the sport. 

In addition to them, we talk to to great industry mechanics Jade Dungey, and Brent Duffe regarding their choice to quit racing, and go into the competitive world of being motocross mechanics. Just like the career riders, being mechanics for some of the best riders in our sport is both competitive, and challenging in it's own way.


HMX Rewind | Grantsburg D23 | HardlineMX

HardlineMX Rewind video from the 2017 ARMCA District 23 motocross series at the sands of Straight Arrows MX in Grantsburg.

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Rewind || Detroit Supercross 2017

Once again, working under the MXP Magazine flag, I was able to attend another round of Monster Energy Supercross. Ride along as we take a look back to some of the events that happened at Detroit Supercross in 2017. As always, we capture some of the behind the scenes action, and for the first time this year, a bit of riding action on Press day at Ford Field! 

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