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Block Pass Blog | A look back at Millville Regional's Saturday action 

Casey Hultgren and Matt Wellumson take a look back at the North Central Regional held at Spring Creek Motocross park during June 2017. We dig into who was here, how the day went, and what we expected (at the time) for Sunday's race action.


HardlineMX || Block Pass || Little Falls Loretta Lynn's Area (Saturday) 

Casey Hultgren and Matt Wellumson take you through the first day of competition during the 1st day of competition at the Motocity Little Falls Area qualifier. Keep tuned to HardlineMX for more from this event!

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Block Pass Episode 6 | Tigerton Youth LLRQ | LeClere , Clough , Ingalls 

The Block Pass is back, bringing you an update from our stop at the Tigerton Wisconsin Loretta Lynn's Youth Regional for 2016. We update on some of the happenings at the event, and interview some of the competitors who participated in this event. Listen in as we talk to Tommy LeClere, Jayden Clough, and Alex Ingalls about their weekend at Tigerton.
For more Motocross coverage from Tigerton Wisconsin, please keep tuned to HardlineMX

Photo Report - 2015 Spring Creek Pro Track Challenge 

As many of you may have noticed within posts by Josh Rud, Spring Cree MX Park fell victim to some of mother nature’s power during Press day, and again Friday night before the pro national itself. With the track base well moistened, Sunday set off with dirt in prime shape for a day of top tier amateur racing.

With this being the last full weekend before Loretta Lynn’s, many riders who qualified, took the opportunity to get some racing action on the last national easily attended before action starts at the ranch.


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Block Pass Episode 5 (Spring Mumbles on) 

This is Installment #5 of the Video podcast HardlineMX BlockPass. In this Episode Casey Hultgren joins with MXMatt to discuss the return to Supercross, this time out east in New Jersey.  Show Notes Below!

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