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Block Pass | Spring Creek MX Memorial Weekend | Riess | Ohland 

Call it a talk show, however we take a look back at Memorial weekend at Spring Creek MX, joining us this round is Guy Ohland and Jackie Riess. During this show we take some time to talk to Jackie Riess about a colossal crash she was involved in, and about her weekend overall at spring creek. Guy Ohland takes us through some of the behind the scenes happenings at Spring Creek, and we discuss the record turnout for this amazing weekend of racing.


Block Pass Episode 7 || Millville National || Recap and Interviews 

For this Episode of the Block Pass, MXMatt Checks in from two locations that match the theme of the 2016 Spring Creek National, which was presented as a tribute to local rock superstar, Prince. Discussed are some of the happenings at the event, as well as 4 interviews with Local riders who frequent Spring Creek.
Henry Miller
We check in with Henry after his best finish of his Motocross career, and check on how things are going with his team Triggr Racing.
Zack Williams
Native of Elko Minnesota, and a Loretta Lynn's champion, Zack Williams is no stranger to the local Motocross Scene. We check in with him after his best finish of the season, and ask what it was like to be knocking on the back door of JS7 during his 2nd moto of the day.
Casey Paider
Somewhat new to the scene, check in with us as we ask how this Hill Climb rider is doing on his transition from that sport, to the world of Moto. This kid has the Pro Privateer spirit, at a much younger age, and works hard to be able to enjoy this sport.
Gage Fisher
No stranger to HardlineMX, with us having completed an interview with him before his trip to Loretta Lynn's 2016. Take a listen to see where he has been, and what has changed!
Keep tuned for more coverage form this event, and be sure to watch videos posted up by Casey Hultgren, from his perspective at Spring Creek!



Block Pass Episode 5 (Spring Mumbles on) 

This is Installment #5 of the Video podcast HardlineMX BlockPass. In this Episode Casey Hultgren joins with MXMatt to discuss the return to Supercross, this time out east in New Jersey.  Show Notes Below!

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Repost - BlockPass Episode #4 (Ice Out)

During this episode Matt Wellumson and Casey Hultgren discuss the beginnings of the upper midwest 2014 race season, as well as future plans for HardlineMX and event coverage!

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Blockpass Episode #3 - Discussing Motocross with @GuaranteedMX 


This week MXMatt chats it up with Ryan Gauld with GuaranteedMX, Canada's premier Motocross action website. Ryan and Matt dig into the aspects of pro level Motocross in Canada, how easy it is for Pro riders from that great nation, to compete in North America's other great moto mecca, the US. 

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