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RAW Clips - Spring Creek Memorial Weekend (2-Stroke highlight) 

In this video, we cover 2-Stroke action from 65cc all the way up to the open 2-stroke class racing that took place during Memorial Weekend.

Quick Feature - Spring Creek Regional - Tristan Titus 

We caught up with Tristan Titus during his ride at Spring Creek for the North Central Regional race. Tristan raced in 2 classes, having qualified for this weekend of racing, despite being injured in the Area Qualifier that got him here. 

At 16 years young, this rider is continuing to improve vastly, every time I see him on the track. He is looking for more support to help him get his Pro card, and be able to participate at Spring Creek Pro National! Hit him up @Tristan_877 on Twitter!


Nuke Round 3 Highlights - Byron IL 

The rain has still been plaging the Midwest rounds cancelling everything I planned for Saturday, but Sunday was dry enough for Nuke 3 at Motorsports park in Byron IL to get underway. Some great battles were had through-out the day with a great turn-out even though some of the qualifiers were going on near-by.

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Nuclear Series Heating Up - Byron MX Round 3

Sunday the 13th of May marked the start of the 3rd round of the Nuclear Series at Byron Motorsports Park.  The weather was amazing all day as well as the track conditions.  In spring of last year the track was completely over-hauled and still is receiving, improvements making it a great motocross track to come visit!  The facility at Byron is massive to say the least.  With their main motocross track taking up the most space, there is also a second track known as the Hilltop track to contend with.  Byron also offers a large area for camping; it makes a great place to spend your Sunday afternoon. 

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