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Cedar Lake Arena | '17 Round 1 Recap | PT2 


In this video, we check in with the hotly contested Schoolboy class, where the leader changed 3 times in a single lap, with other happenings giving these riders ammo to lay down some smack talk of their own. Check it out, and hear what they have to say. More to come from this event, so keep tuned to HardlineMX for more details!


Cedar Lake Arena | '17 Round 1 Recap | PT1


Take a ride with as we recap some of the events at Cedar Lake Arena. We start off talking to Jessica Noaeill with Cedar lake, about changes and what to expect this season. We then jump into a recap of the 1st race of the season, 65cc 7-11, getting the Moto report from Brady Karolevitz and Domenic Hegman. 


HMX GoPro | Casey Hultgren - Cedar Lake Arena (Open Practice - 12/3/16) | HardlineMX 

Ride with Casey Hultgren indoors at Cedar Lake Arena in New Richmond, WI. If you haven't been to Cedar Lake Arena yet this winter make sure you stop in to do a few motos!

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Battles || Biorn || Tetzlaff || March 5th Cedar Lake Arena 

We check in with you young 85cc riders, Curtis Biorn, and Eli Tetzlaff  as they recount their recent battle at Cedar Lake Arena for the final round of the 2016 winter race series.


Battles || DeKeyrel || Lund || March 5th Cedar Lake Arena 

We take a look at the highly contested 450B class at Cedar Lake Arena, and chat with two riders battling the field. Listen in as Lund and DeKeyrel recount their 2nd moto of 450B at Cedar Lale Arena during the final round.