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Spencer Henrikson | Brookston D23 (Open "A" - Moto 2) GoPro | HardlineMX

Race along with Spencer Henrikson in Open "A", moto 2 at Echo Valley Motocross Park in Brookston, MN.


Grantsburg D23 GoPro's - HardlineMX

We got 2 GoPro videos from Straight Arrows MX in Grantsburg, WI for weekend 1 of the 2014 ARMCA AMA District 23 Motocross Championship series. Casey Hultgren and Connor Ahlers take us around the deep sandy track. Check back for GoPro's possibly from the Cambridge and Kellogg races.

Connor Ahlers Grantsburg (Open "A" - Moto 1)

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Top 5 HardlineMX Videos of 2013 - #1

There should be no question what our number 1 video should be! The Jerry Robin on his 1985 Honda CR250 video from the 2013 Millville Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifier done by our own MXMatt. Jerry became sensation overnight I guess you could say but he deserves every bit of it, the kid works his butt off! He qualified for Loretta's and he finished 11th overall in 250 "B" and got the championship in the 2-Stroke 16+ "B/C". Shortly after Loretta's he got brand new Geico/Honda bikes along with staying down and training in South Carolina at South of the Border Training Facility before LL's. Jerry is a good friend of ours here at HardlineMX! Congrats Jerry, your making Minnesota proud!

Jerry Robin - 2013 Spring Creek LL Regional

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Brookston D23 Rewind ft. Ersbo - Mandryk - Ahlers - Coon

Finally the Brookston D23 Rewind from last weekend was done! August 4th was the 1st Annual Joe Brown Memorial Race at Echo Valley Motocross Park in Brookston, MN! Joe Brown was one of the guys to start and help Echo Valley to what it is today! This was also a AMA District 23 motocross points paying event. We had good turnout and awesome racing weather! Video features Hunter Ersbo, Connor Ahlers, Tommy Coon, and Kenny Mandryk.

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2013 Millville Pro Week Amateur Rewind ft. Albertson - Wilkins - Humphrey - Maus

The week of the 2013 Spring Creek Pro National was full of racing from both pro and amateurs. Along with Mother Nature not making up her mind if it was going to be cold and rainy or hot and sunny. Either way 2013 was no let down from any other year! This is the Amateur Rewind video from Millville featuring Jimmy Albertson, Gavin Wilkins, Tysen Humphrey, Connor Ahlers, Tommy Coon, and Philip Maus.

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