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HMX Rewind | Millville Donny Schmit Memorial Amateur Day || HardlineMX

HMX Rewind from the 2018 Donny Schmit Memorial Amateur day during the La Crescent & Wine Spring Creek Pro National weekend.

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HMX GoPro | Marissa Polencheck - Millville Donny Schmit Memorial (Women's - Moto 2) || HardlineMX

Race along with Marissa Polencheck during moto 2 of Women's class at the Donny Schmit Memorial Millville Amateur Race at Spring Creek Motocross Park.


HMX Rewind | 2016 Millville D23 Amateur Days | HardlineMX

Check out the latest HardlineMX Rewind video from the 2016 Spring Creek National Amateur Days and ARMCA AMA District 23 motocross events from Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, MN.

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HMX GoPro | Casey Hultgren - Millville D23 (+25 "B" - Moto 2) | HardlineMX 

Race along with Casey Hultgren during moto 2 in the +25 "B" class at the 2016 Donny Schmit Memorial Race/ARMCA AMA District 23 motocross event during Pro week at Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, MN.



2013 Millville Pro Week Amateur GoPro Videos - HardlineMX 

The 2013 Spring Creek Pro National week has come and gone. It was a very fun week of racing and hanging out with friends and family at the races all week! There were 2 amateur days at Millville surrounding the big pro race, on Friday the popular Donny Schmit Memorial Amateur Race and on Sunday for the second year running the Pro Track Challenge allowing the amateurs to ride on the track the big boys played on the day before! We got 2 GoPro videos with Gavin Wilkins in 250 "B" from Friday and me (Casey Hultgren) in Open "B" on Sunday.

Gavin Wilkins Millville (Donny Schmit Memorial Race - 250 "B" - Moto 1) GoPro

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