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HMX60 || Loretta Lynn's MX Wednesday Highlights


Loretta Lynn's || Competition Day #1 || Trackside rewind

It just didn’t feel like a morning at the ranch. With cloudy skies, and temperatures in the mid 60s, the feel of Hurricane Mills TN was more reminiscent of a spring morning in Millville Minnesota. It was now the 1st day of competition at Loretta Lynn’s, with 450B starting the charge at 7:30 AM that morning. 

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LLMX 2017 | Monday Review

With Loretta Lynn’s 2017 having come to a close, we have a week full of content that we hope to bring you from this 36th annual Amateur National event. Based out of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, nestled within the heart of ARMCA District 23, HardlineMX feels dedicated to our local riders, as well as friends / past members of our district area. With so much of the media focus at the ranch being directed to top 5 national riders, we direct our spotlight a little bit differently. 

For 2017 Loretta Lynn’s was quite a bit different than recent years. With the exception of a single day, the Mud and heat of the 2016 race season was absent from the ranch. For 2017, the previously horrid conditions were eplaced by cool temps, cloud cover, and drier air overall. These conditions were more favorable to our group, and I feel it showed in the overall mood of our riders & families. With so many riders competing in this competition from our area, there was a D23 rider / family in nearly every corner of the camp. With that, it was hard to transit from one area to another without running into someone you knew.

As always, Monday is the first day the LLMX track sees action, with many riders setting their wheels onto this Tennessee dirt for the first time in their lives. Overall, things appeared to go well in practice, and it was nice to see our riders bang bars with some of the fastest in the nation. 



First up on the docket for our LL17 coverage, is some shots from Practice day, as well as a small video clip we put together for our Monday post on instagram.  

We at HardlineMX have to thank Black Diamond MX, Ride Brand clothing, Custom Apparel, Clough Brothers Racing, and the Boaz family for all the support & hospitality during our 2017 season. Without all of you, our coverage would be impossible. 


Loretta Lynn's MX || D23 area riders, and friends of HardlineMX Calendar

With the suggestion of a local parent, we have decided to publish our Calendar schedule that we use to keep track of happenings at Loretta Lynn's. It's just a tool to help us know what class is up, and who is in it at any given point in time. Reminders can be enabled to send notification before a class is up, and if you have a smart watch, it should display riders from our area that are expected to be out on track.
The dates / times are subject to change, so don't bet your life on the schedule. This link will give you the option to add the schedule to your calendar application, or download it

HMX Raw Clips | 2017 Loretta Lynn's North Central Amateur Regional || HardlineMX

Watch the latest HardlineMX Raw Clips of 250 "A" and Collegeboy 18-24 classes at Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, MN of the 2017 Loretta Lynn's North Central Amateur Motocross Regional.

Collegeboy 18-24

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