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HMX Rewind | 2017 Millville LL Regional || HardlineMX

HardlineMX Rewind video from the 2017 Loretta Lynn's North Central Regional qualifier motocross race at Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, MN.

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Block Pass Blog | A look back at Millville Regional's Saturday action 

Casey Hultgren and Matt Wellumson take a look back at the North Central Regional held at Spring Creek Motocross park during June 2017. We dig into who was here, how the day went, and what we expected (at the time) for Sunday's race action.


Tigerton LLRQ || Teaser Video || Sunday Highlights 60 Second Slo-Mo

Posted up one more quick teaser from Tigerton, before we dive into interviews, and RAW clips from some of the motos last weekend. This time we bring you a Slo-mo recap of Sunday's happenings at the Tigerton Youth Regional.
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MXMatt Block Pass- MC Motopark Loretta Lynn Qualifier  

Article by - Matt Wellumson

Photos by - Josh Rud, Matt Wellumson

It is a place where dreams come true, or become crushed in cloud of dust on a corner of the track where nobody sees you. These words are not related to MC Motopark in Mount Carroll Illinois, they have more to do with the overall experience of making it into a Regional qualifier, and how the outcome of your efforts leave you feeling by the end of the experience.  

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Mount Carroll LLRQ - Weekend Rewind Edit

Sit back and take in some of the highlights from the Mount Carroll Loretta Lynn's Regional held in 2014. This video highlights some of the riders, as well as areas of the track that produced some interesting sights. Keep tuned to for more Motocross coverage from this and similar events! 
Music is by Spiedkiks, Available Here.