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Spring Creek MX || Memorial Weekend || 50CC highlights & Interviews 


HardlineMX took the trip down to Spring Creek MX to join in the celebration of Memorial day weekend. In this video we take a ride along with some of the future stars of our sport as rip their way across the competitive micro track at Spring Creek.
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Block Pass | Spring Creek MX Memorial Weekend | Riess | Ohland 

Call it a talk show, however we take a look back at Memorial weekend at Spring Creek MX, joining us this round is Guy Ohland and Jackie Riess. During this show we take some time to talk to Jackie Riess about a colossal crash she was involved in, and about her weekend overall at spring creek. Guy Ohland takes us through some of the behind the scenes happenings at Spring Creek, and we discuss the record turnout for this amazing weekend of racing.


Little Falls LLAQ || Gavin Janovsky interview & Day highlights 

We take another look back at the Little Falls Loretta Lynn's area qualifier, this time we chat with Gavin Janovsky and talk about the classes he qualified for, as well as his plans for the season. 


Following this interview, we take a further look back at the weekend, with more highlight clips from the 2017 Little Falls LLAQ.


Little Falls LLAQ || Saturday RECAP | Hegman | Schlegel | Skaalerud | Boaz | 

Saturday competition at the Little Falls LLAQ was quite intense throughout the day, with many classes having intense competition for both motos. We pulled aside 4 kids and asked them how their day went at Little Falls! Be sure to also catch some of the unscripted happenings that closed out our day with them. These riders consist of Domenic Hegman, Tanner Schlegel, Cameron Skaalerud and Josh Boaz.
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Little Falls LLAQ || Supermini Battles || Trevin Nelson | Cameron Skaalerud 

In this video we take a moment to talk to two up and coming rippers from the upper midwest, Trevin Nelson, and Cameron Skaalerud both from Minnesota. Here at the Loretta Lynn's area qualifer, these two riders were in intense battles on track, pushing each rider to the limits of speed and grip. Take a moment to listen in, as well as watch some of the raw footage from the races.
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