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2018 MX Teaser || HardlineMX

We are ready for warm temps and gate drops! Make sure to follow HardlineMX all summer long!

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HMX Rewind | Mora D23 (2017 Labor Day Weekend) || HardlineMX

HardlineMX Rewind video from the 2017 ARMCA District 23 motocross series race at Berm Benders Raceway Raceway in Mora, MN.

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HMX60 || Loretta Lynn's MX Wednesday Highlights


Loretta Lynn's || Competition Day #2 || Trackside rewind

Now into the 2nd morning of competition, we were far from having completed the first set of motos for all 35 classes competing this season. As of 7AM Wednesday, 12 more gate drops needed to occur before the program reset for second motos. First up for only the 2nd day of competition, was 65cc 10-11.

Gone were the clouds and fog seen on Tuesday, however, the high humidity and wet track conditions again welcomed the fleet of small bikes primed to break into heavy AM competition. Besides that, weather remained fair overall for the entire day, providing a great playground for competitors in all classes fighting for their spot on the podium.

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Loretta Lynn's || Competition Day #1 || Trackside rewind

It just didn’t feel like a morning at the ranch. With cloudy skies, and temperatures in the mid 60s, the feel of Hurricane Mills TN was more reminiscent of a spring morning in Millville Minnesota. It was now the 1st day of competition at Loretta Lynn’s, with 450B starting the charge at 7:30 AM that morning. 

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