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LLMX 2017 | Monday Review

With Loretta Lynn’s 2017 having come to a close, we have a week full of content that we hope to bring you from this 36th annual Amateur National event. Based out of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, nestled within the heart of ARMCA District 23, HardlineMX feels dedicated to our local riders, as well as friends / past members of our district area. With so much of the media focus at the ranch being directed to top 5 national riders, we direct our spotlight a little bit differently. 

For 2017 Loretta Lynn’s was quite a bit different than recent years. With the exception of a single day, the Mud and heat of the 2016 race season was absent from the ranch. For 2017, the previously horrid conditions were eplaced by cool temps, cloud cover, and drier air overall. These conditions were more favorable to our group, and I feel it showed in the overall mood of our riders & families. With so many riders competing in this competition from our area, there was a D23 rider / family in nearly every corner of the camp. With that, it was hard to transit from one area to another without running into someone you knew.

As always, Monday is the first day the LLMX track sees action, with many riders setting their wheels onto this Tennessee dirt for the first time in their lives. Overall, things appeared to go well in practice, and it was nice to see our riders bang bars with some of the fastest in the nation. 



First up on the docket for our LL17 coverage, is some shots from Practice day, as well as a small video clip we put together for our Monday post on instagram.  

We at HardlineMX have to thank Black Diamond MX, Ride Brand clothing, Custom Apparel, Clough Brothers Racing, and the Boaz family for all the support & hospitality during our 2017 season. Without all of you, our coverage would be impossible. 


Gallery || Spring Creek National || Colton Reschke Images

Spring Creek MX hosted the 2017 Pro National last weekend, and it was quite the event to behold. With recently wet weather, and a great turnout in both riders and spectators, the event was stacked with happenings & events both on and off the track.

Taking some of his own time to capture portions of the event, Colton Reschke has offered up his images from the Spring Creek National. Take a look through his lens, at some of the race action he captured during last weekend's race. 

Click Here for full Gallery


2017 Spring Creek National | Henry Miller | Chase Sexton | + Weekend Highlights

Take a step back to the Spring Creek pro national held in Millville Minnesota during the 2017 Lucas Oil Motocross championship season. In this video we show off some of the changes to the track, and talk to some of the personalities around the event. Interviews include Chase Sexton, Henry Miller, the Whoop Monster, and a few locals regarding the event, and upcoming Loretta Lynn's Amateur national.


Spring Creek MX || Pro National || Early Entry

We got in early and got some quick shots of the track and some of the staging taking place for the 2017 Pro national here at Millville Minnesota. We hope to get more aerial shots as the track progresses, we just worried about the incoming thunderstorm swatting our bird out of the sky. 




Spring Creek MX GoPro || Schoolboy1 Mini v.s. Big Bikes || Jayden Clough

Take a ride with Jayden Clough as he shows us his way around Spring Creek MX during one of the amateur motocross events. Jayden pilots his KX100 in the Schoolboy 1 class at Spring creek, against some of the region's fastest kids on the big track.

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