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MX Sports releases 2014 Outdoor National Schedule


Spring Creek 2013 - Pro National Photo report and highlights  

Article and Photos by Matt Wellumson 

HardlineMX was on site for round 9 of the 2013 Lucas Oil Motocross series return trip to Minnesota. While we had no official media access due to our small size, we did get the opportunity to shoot the event, and hopefully capture some of the action that didn't get shown on TV.

With temperatures more fall like than a mid Summer Motocross event, Spring creek had a totally different feel than it has for several years. During the past few years temperatures hovered near 100, with humidity saturating the air so much that sweat was more of a punishment than it was relief for the heat. This year, the tents offered up by various vendors provided shelter from the drizzle, rain, and cold winds that coarser through Spring creek all of Saturday.

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August Update: Im not dead

So the last couple months have been super busy for me trying to juggle a milllion things with shooting every weekend, a lot of times Saturday and Sunday.  On top of that I've had  a lot of photo editing work come my way, and some real life issues with cars and fun stuff, basically i've been working every day in some form or another.

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