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Spring Creek MX 2018 Loretta Lynn's Regional || Media Report

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The saying goes,  when it rains it pours. A simple statement, yet one that has a profound meaning when applied to our sport of Motocross. Leading into what is arguably the biggest and most hotly contested Moto event held at Spring Creek MX for the year, Mother Nature decided to spice things up for the competition.


With practice not yet over,  clouds were beginning to roll in, making SCMX Park look exactly like it did at the close of the 2017 Amateur Regional. In that event, heavy rain flooded portions of the track and property, causing Spring Creek, and AMA to call the event, shutting down competition immediately. With similar rain coming in on Friday Evening, many feared that this regional would mirror that of RedBud the week before. A complete, mud race.

For a regional, per rider, there are often hundreds if not thousands of hours which have gone into preparation for this, and other qualifying events like it. For many, simply making it to the the ranch is an accomplishment in itself. For those reasons alone, put huge pressure on riders and promoters to make sure that a Regional race runs smoothly.

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Hardline Report | MC Motopark 2017 LLRQ


The time of the year has come and gone, where we watch some of the fastest youth riders in the nation participate in their own North central regional qualifier. For 2017 this event was held at MC Motopark, a short hike from the Western Illinois town of Mount Carroll.

Riders in this competition have qualified from an array of locations such as Bar 2 Bar, Sunset Ridge, Little Falls, and Indian hills to name a few. From those, the top riders qualified to participate in either the Youth or Amateur regional for the North Central region, all depending on what classes they are going for.

The crew at MC Motopark had one heck of a task on their hands for the 2017 season. More family, larger RVs, extra cars, and bigger trailers absorbed quite a bit of extra space in the pit area, more than was originally expected based on the entry list. Thankfully for all of us attending, MC Motopark was able to negotiate for extra space from a local farmer, to expand the pit area substantially for this qualifier.

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Photo Report || Spring Creek MX || Viking Clash 2016

Weston Weets awaiting the start of his Moto at Viking Clash

The Spring Creek Viking Clash has again come and gone, and It’s hard to believe that the has been for what amounts to 9 years now! For many of us, this event rivals the Pro National weekend, as being one of the best moto weekends all summer. By this time of the year,  qualifiers, and Loretta Lynn’s itself are both over, leaving many riders with far less stress on their shoulders, giving them a chance to have a little more fun. Additionally, with less people on the grounds than a national weekend, the evening events, and overall activities give a great sense of community that isn’t possible on a national weekend. 

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LORETTA LYNN'S 2016 || Wednesday Mud Report

With a brief break from torrential rainfall, Wednesday morning turned out to be a great start to the 2nd day of official competition at Loretta Lynn’s. Due to the rainfall and setbacks on Tuesday, the pace at which races were sent out was faster than many were prepared for. This caused many to be late staging, or for some to completely miss site laps, or the beginning of their race. As far as I can tell, this didn’t happen to any of the riders I have been following, yet, there were some close calls!

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights that came from Wednesday’s competition.

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Loretta Lynn's 2016 || Tuesday Quick Report

With Mother Nature continuing to assert her power over Loretta Lynn’s 2016, everyone was held hostage to continued thunder from above. Despite the mud, and wet track, MX Sports attempted to start the event at the scheduled time of 7:30, when, radar indicated yet another severe thunderstorm rolling into the area. This storm caused a chain reaction that ended up causing the first class, College 16-24 to be delayed until roughly 11:30AM.

Despite the delays to competition, the Crew working the ranch put forward a good effort to get as much action as they could. Overall 15 of 22 motos were completed, which was impressive considering how far weather pushed out the event. 

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