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Spring Creek MX || Pro National || Early Entry

We got in early and got some quick shots of the track and some of the staging taking place for the 2017 Pro national here at Millville Minnesota. We hope to get more aerial shots as the track progresses, we just worried about the incoming thunderstorm swatting our bird out of the sky. 




Back Stage Pass || Images from the Spring Creek National

Photos from some of my work at the Spring Creek national are now posted up on my site. If all goes smoothly this week, you can expect to see videos start rolling in showing some of the highlights from last weekend at Spring Creek MX!


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Roadway update - Ironman MX 2015

It is both a relief, and bittersweet that we can now report on the final Pro National for 2015, the Ironman National. While it was exciting to be at this track for the first time, and with so many MN riders in attendance, it was a great chance final chance to see many District 23 riders out for their last rip on a pro track for the season.  We have a bit to cover from this event, however just wanted to share a quick few photos before we hit the road back home to MN.


Huge congrats to both national champs for 2015, Ryan Dungey, and Jeremy Martin. Both putting Minnesota, as well as ARMCA District 23 on the map!


We also wish MN rider Dylan Wolff a speedy recovery as he had a Nasty Get-off during early morning practice. Here is an Update from his Facebook page. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and we hope to see you back out on track soon! 


Not how I planned the weekend to go. In first practice I had a bad crash landing on top of @nickj308 off of the big quad jump at the ironman pro national. Before all of this I was feeling great on the bike and really think I would have qualified. Also my @foxracing set up was lookin fresh. The result of this crash will leave me out for awhile. I ended up with three broken bones in my ankle that I had surgery on as they put plates and screws in it. I also broke my wrist, three ribs and my sternum. — with Mitch Wolff.


Spring Creek Pro National Weekend Highlights 2014 

Spring Creek 2014 was yet an other great weekend of MX racing in Millville Minnesota. Watch here as Amateur riders take to the track, as well as some of the other activities that happened during the weekend’s event.  


Photo Report - Red Bud National 2014

Well it’s been a bittersweet July 4th for myself, and it’s hard to believe we are already over half way done with 2014, a year that has been busier for me than ever. With Loretta Lynn’s regionals now behind me, and starting to work my way into some of the national races the year is starting to pass by almost too quickly.  ((Click Read More Below to continue ))


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