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Cedar Lake Arena || Round 2 & 3 highlights


Spring Creek MX || Pro National || Early Entry

We got in early and got some quick shots of the track and some of the staging taking place for the 2017 Pro national here at Millville Minnesota. We hope to get more aerial shots as the track progresses, we just worried about the incoming thunderstorm swatting our bird out of the sky. 




Motokazie || Supercross 5-7-16 || 250 Pro / 250B RAW 

Hop in, and follow along with some intense racing with Motokazie Supercross series round #2 race. In this video, we watch as 250 Pro and 250B take to the track in head to head action. The race action is close with the two riders in Pro staying wheel to wheel, and 250B showing some intense action as well.


Motokazie || Bitbike Helmet Cams || 5-7-16 || Ohland | Orres 

In this video we take a look at the Pitbike race action at Jordan Supercross, during their 2nd 2016 race of the season. Ride along with Ryan Orres and Brett Ohland as they take you for a trip around the Motokazie track in Jordan Minnesota.


Battles || DeKeyrel || Lund || March 5th Cedar Lake Arena 

We take a look at the highly contested 450B class at Cedar Lake Arena, and chat with two riders battling the field. Listen in as Lund and DeKeyrel recount their 2nd moto of 450B at Cedar Lale Arena during the final round.