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Video - Anoka July 2012 Supercross


Summer Supercross Tour in full swing  

For years now, local promoter Motokazie has put together a traveling Supercross series that mimics the Monster Energy version we all watch on TV or in Stadiums across the nation. The Motokazie version doesn't exactly visit mega stadiums, however, it does make it to multiple states, and various small to medium size towns across the upper Midwest. For a kid, or an amateur, this can feel a bit like a privateer would, traveling to various Supercross events across the country. The best part about these races is the relaxed, family / friend oriented feel they give. It is easy to see most of the track from one vantage point, and to cheer on your favorite riders!

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Jordan 7-7 Photo Report

Bo Schuette started off the afternoon event with a solid ride in Quad pro class. He would battle hard at the beginning of both motos to gain a strong 1st place lead against Joe Strebel.

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Staff Write-Up || About Josh Rud

Hey whats up everyone, I wanted to blog a little bit about myself and what I love to do.  I will be talking alot about photography on top of bringing some race reports and behind the scenes accounts of events.

My name is Josh Rud, I run a photography business called ShiftOne Photography and I have had a passion for art my entire life.  I've been into photography and playing with photoshop since high school (may have been a little while ago, who's counting right).  I've taken huge risks starting this business, quit my job, working completely for myself. I also do photoshop work, mainly for fashion photographers during the week while im not shooting moto.  I find editing to be a large part of photography, while I actually dont spend tons of time on my motocross images, if I really need to save something messed up I have the skills to do it. 

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Indianapolis Supercross All Access Pass

Indianapolis Supercross Track

Indianapolis Supercross was a very interesting night for both classes.  With tons of injuries this season, things are getting more and more interesting (possibly less interesting in fact).  Instead of simpily giving a race report I'm going to fill you in on the day in the life of covering Supercross as a photographer as well. 

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