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A Look back @ 2012 Motocross season

This video was originally put together to compete in the 2012 Racer X film festival. Obviously not making the cut, I still wanted to share the effort, to give us northern riders something to watch while we wait for our outdoor tracks to reopen.


Cedar Lake Arena Round #2 Highlights


Video - Spring Creek September 9th Highlights

I have finally completed the early revision of a video project I was hired to take on, which means I actually had a few moments to piece together a Highlight video for the Spring Creek September 9th weekend. Clips from this video were taken on both Practice and Race days.

If you are wondering who did the music, it is from an amazing little band out of the UK, called Forest Fires UK. They can be found on both Facebook , and Soundcloud . Their Soundclud page features track downloads and options to comment on their work!

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Spring Creek September 9th Race Weekend (Crash VID Inside)


This was the first race at Spring creek event after most of it's normal riders have now returned to School, and other forms of "real life". The atmosphere was a bit more relaxed than the mid summer events but it was definitely still Millville. 

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JL MX Photos Video - Ride Day at Ziebells

Some of you may be asking where the hell Jenny has been? The only answer I can give is extremely busy working for one of our local MX promoters, and spending every other free hour working on her photo skills at various MX practice sessions, or at private tracks.

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