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Spring Creek September 9th Race Weekend (Crash VID Inside)


This was the first race at Spring creek event after most of it's normal riders have now returned to School, and other forms of "real life". The atmosphere was a bit more relaxed than the mid summer events but it was definitely still Millville. 

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JL MX Photos Video - Ride Day at Ziebells

Some of you may be asking where the hell Jenny has been? The only answer I can give is extremely busy working for one of our local MX promoters, and spending every other free hour working on her photo skills at various MX practice sessions, or at private tracks.

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Kellog Labor Day Weekend Highlight Video

Kellog on Labor Day was a great event, with lots of great moments for sure. I have been trying to mix as much video taking at each MX event as I do pictures, however sometimes things get out of control on either side. This video contains clips from various classes, and multiple locations at Midway MX Park.



Viking Clash Highlight Video

In a bit of a break from the norm, we have decided to post up our weekend highlight video before the weekend photo report. Footage from this video is comprised of clips taken on both practice and race days. The goal is to show the overall track layout, as well as the type of competition seen at this year's event.

We have much more video content we want to put out from this event in the next few days, so keep tuned to HardlineMX for more video and content from this year's Viking Clash.



Hardline Video - Kellog Motocross August 2012