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MR1 Photography - Snowshoe GNCC July 3, 2013

 As the GNCC circuit heads into round nine, on June 29-30th 2013. Located in the small town of Snowshoe West Virginia.The famous Ski Resort and Lodge Snowshoe has given GNCC access to set a race on resort grounds. Setting the max length of one lap at 16 miles long taking both quad and dirtbike riders on  both sides, of one of the tallest mountains in West Virginia. 

ATV AC1 Series Standings         Bike XC1 Series Standings 
1st Chris Borich                            1st Charles Mullins 
2nd Adam McGill                          2nd Kailub Russell
3rd Chris Bithell                          3rd Joshua Strang 
4th Walker Fowler                      4th Thaddeus Duvall 
5th Kevin Yoho                          5th Paul Whinley 

Submitted by - Mitch Rosenberry