HardlineMX Track Walk - Oak Ridge MX. Observed

What's this, leave a region with rain and cool temperatures,for a new MX track that is expecting awesome weather? Sign me up!

Let's get this right out in the open, It is worth the drive to head out here, no matter where you call home!. This track features terrain that will rival some of the best national tracks I have visited, and provides some great spectator vantage points. Elevation change is not as extreme as Millville, however the grade of the hills (how steep they are) is on par, with dirt that appears to hold up quite well. 

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Oak Ridge MX - Quick & Raw Preview

I have just made the trip down to Oak Ridge MX park in Central Iowa, and am happy to report it was well worth the trip down. Nestled within an area of Iowa that more closely resembles the rolling Hills of Arkansas, Oak Ridge is a hidden Gem within the world of MX. With so many places having closed in the past few years, and plans for other MX venues canceled, it is awesome to see a place like this taking off. 
Be sure to watch for more updates from our coverage of Oak Ridge MX's first open practice, including a much longer Raw Clips video, as well as a gallery filled with shots from various places on track. 

Bar 2 Bar MX North Central Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier

Jake Jaynes with Motography Films took a little trip to Maize, KS for the Loretta Lynn qualifier at Bar 2 Bar MX and here is a short video of the racing action that went on at the beautiful race track. 

Bar 2 Bar MX North Central Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier from Motography Films on Vimeo.



Grantsburg D23 Photo Race Report - HardlineMX

FINALLY! The snow melted enough where we could open up the outdoor tracks here in Minnesota and start the 2014 AMA District 23 MX season. Weekend 1 has came and gone already and it felt good to go to the races and see some familiar faces, along with some new ones. Straight Arrows MX in Grantsburg, WI was one of the 3 venues holding races this weekend. Well the only thing I can really say about Grantsburg, that it was typical Grantsburg. Straight Arrows MX is ran by SAER (Straight Arrow Enduro Riders) Club. The track is a long, deep sand track and it gets rough and gnarly quick. I sometimes compare it to Southwick.

Straight Arrows MX - Grantsburg, WIThe weather was a bit chilly with temps in the 40s with a little breeze but didn't stop the races from going on! The day got started off with the 250 "A" and "B" classes. Canada's Earl Reimer pulled both holeshots in 250 "A" and mixed it up with the young guns. Reimer went 2-2 for second overall on his RM250 2-stroke. No one had anything Michael Riehm on the day, winning every moto he entered and winning both overalls in 250 and Open "A". He had his Suzuki RM250 screaming in the sand all day long!

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Talkin' Moto Podcast | Seattle SX Rnd 15 - HardlineMX

This week's Talkin' Moto Podcast! Seattle SX, round 15 is the topic.