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Rewind || Detroit Supercross 2017

Once again, working under the MXP Magazine flag, I was able to attend another round of Monster Energy Supercross. Ride along as we take a look back to some of the events that happened at Detroit Supercross in 2017. As always, we capture some of the behind the scenes action, and for the first time this year, a bit of riding action on Press day at Ford Field! 


Interviews || Indianapolis supercross 2017

We took some time to chat with a few Midwest based riders during the 2017 Indianpolis stop for Monster Energy Supercross. On the roster for this round is Zack Williams, Henry Miller, Nick Schnagl, Joe Perron and Chaz Braden. Listen in as they talk about their season, as well as conditions at Indianapolis Supercross itself.
Video by Matt Wellumson




Indianapolis Supercross 2017 || Rewind 

Take a look back at Lucas Oil Stadium for the 2017 round of Monster Energy Supercross in Indianapolis. We collaborated with MXP Magazine to bring some behind the scenes footage from this great event.


Cedar Lake Arena || 2017 Indoor Season Rewind 

Ride along as we take a look back at some of the action that occurred during the 2017 season at Cedar Lake Arena. Huge thanks to the track, as well as all the riders that made this a great season to capture.


Non Moto || Byron Bears Wrestling 2017 Rewind

Sometimes a break from the action can improve your game. This winter I had the opportunity to spend some time with Moto racer Ben Adamson, and watch him in action, participating in his other favorite sport. I have to say, the experience was great for me, and I have learned a lot of respect for the effort these kids put into this sport, which is very similar to people serious about Moto.
To me, wrestling is similar to Moto in a few ways as it is also a race itself. A race against time,  a race against fatigue, a race to an advantage against your opponent, and unlike Motocross, the finish line is not defined or clearly marked. Calculated use of energy is shared between both sports, you can either have a burst to give you the upper hand for a short moment, or, plan out your attack to ensure you have endurance and stamina to make it to the final whistle. 
While I myself did some wrestling as a kid, I never got as serious as this group of Byron Minnesota Students, but my push to win championships in Motocross gives me an understanding of the struggle to maintain top fitness, and to work hard for a goal. 
It was an honor working with these kids , coaches, and school, if even only for a few short events. I hope my Motocross followers can understand and respect their efforts as much as I have. Congrats on a great season, I wish you all the best in the future of your sport!