Gallery - Oak Ridge MX Practice Photos

Check out images from Oak Ridge MX practice that took place last weekend in Central Iowa. 

River Valley 04.13.14

Quick little edit that Jake Jaynes with Motography Films did. River Valley is a great track, go check it out sometime!

River Valley 04.13.14 from Motography Films on Vimeo.



Web Transfer - GuaranteedMX Chug #10

When your a part of Motocross in Canada like I’ve been for 30 years you get to see and travel to some amazing spots. I’m fortunate enough to have seen every part of Canada more than a few times. I love each part but the East side of Canada is always a treat to visit. The people are the kindest you’ll meet, they know how to have a good time, and the motocross community is the tightest knit group in the country. 

Read More here at GuaranteedMX


Repost - BlockPass Episode #4 (Ice Out)

During this episode Matt Wellumson and Casey Hultgren discuss the beginnings of the upper midwest 2014 race season, as well as future plans for HardlineMX and event coverage!

(This is a repost due to an error from which we deleted the original. Oops!)

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Talkin' Moto Podcast 


Talkin' Moto Podcast will be on Tuesday this week!

With no Supercross this weekend, we will still be doing a podcast this week but it will be on Tuesday this week.  We will still have a little moto stuff to talk about but its going to be a little bit of a different podcast.  We got the boys from the Open Mick Podcast on as our guests.  So it should be a good time....just might be a little different then past shows.