Megacross: Summer Begins

Megacross was back underway the weekend of June 25th and it was another hot day out in the Midwest.  The weather has been pretty brutal all spring and now that summer is officially here I’m sure it will keep getting worse.  This however does not stop some great racing under the lights as Megacross was prepped and ready for a great turn-out tonight of stadium racing along with the addition to some endurocross to move things along.

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2016 Red Bull Tennessee Motocross National - Full Motos & Results | HardlineMX

In case you missed Muddy Creek this weekend, we got the full motos and results courtesy of ProMotocross.com

250 Moto 1

450 Moto 1

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HMX GoPro's | Brookston D23 (6/26) | HardlineMX

HardlineMX GoPro's from the ARMCA AMA District 23 motocross event at Echo Valley Motocross Park in Brookston, MN.

Tanner Nikunen - Brookston D23 (250 "C" - Moto 2)

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HardlineMX || RAW Clips || Tigerton Loretta Lynn's Regional

We captured some of the action that took place during the Tigerton Regional last weekend in RAW format. This video consists of 3 motos of the 85cc 9-11 group of kids. Ride along as some of the fastest riders in the nation work to qualify for Loretta Lynn's this August.



Ride along as we watch 85cc riders in Mini Senior 2, take on the  Northern Wisconsin dirt, at the Tigerton Regional. Competition is fierce, and the race action matched. Video features no music, no special effects, just simple RAW race footage!




RAW Clips || Tigerton Regional || Schoolboy 1 & 125cc 


Ride along as we watch these 2-Stroke heroes wake up Northern Wisconsin at the Tigerton Regional. This is the 1st moto from both Schoolboy1 and 125cc during Sunday's competition. The classes were stacked, and so was the competition. Video features no music, no special effects, just simple RAW race footage!