Loretta Lynn's Wednesday Quick Take

Day two of racing is now complete at the ranch, and with competitors now moving into their 2nd set of motos, we are starting to get a good picture of exactly who may end up as overall champion here in 2014.

MXSports has finally posted (or made it easier to find) the results for the overall weekend so far, which can be found at the link below. They have produced a good system and easy way to check on individual class and rider, so please check out MX Sports site for details on the overall position of riders so far. 


Loretta Lynn’s Results on MX Sports

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Checking in from Loretta Lynn's 2014

Kyra Boaz blasting passed the wall of fame at Loretta Lynns

This was the first time HardlineMX has made the trip to Tennesee to participate in covering the Loretta Lynn’s National race, which has been held here for longer than most of our fan base has even been alive! 

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2014 Loretta Lynn's Preview & Live Timing | HardlineMX

Loretta Lynn's 2014 is finally here! Keep up with all the action here on HardlineMX with live timing and live race brodcasting! Also check out the track with MN's own Jerry Robin from yesterday's practice and don't forget to follow HardlineMX on Instagram!

2014 Loretta Lynn's GoPro ft. Jerry Robin (Video by: VurbMoto)

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Spring Creek Pro National Weekend Highlights 2014 

Spring Creek 2014 was yet an other great weekend of MX racing in Millville Minnesota. Watch here as Amateur riders take to the track, as well as some of the other activities that happened during the weekend’s event.  


Millville Am Rewind ft. Forkner - Krampitz - Wolff - Sayles | HardlineMX

Millville Amateur Rewind edit featuring Dylan Wolff, Josiah Hempen, Austin Forkner, Wyatt Krampitz, Vaughn Mays, and Hunter Sayles.

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