Spring Creek MX 2018 Loretta Lynn's Regional || Media Report

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The saying goes,  when it rains it pours. A simple statement, yet one that has a profound meaning when applied to our sport of Motocross. Leading into what is arguably the biggest and most hotly contested Moto event held at Spring Creek MX for the year, Mother Nature decided to spice things up for the competition.


With practice not yet over,  clouds were beginning to roll in, making SCMX Park look exactly like it did at the close of the 2017 Amateur Regional. In that event, heavy rain flooded portions of the track and property, causing Spring Creek, and AMA to call the event, shutting down competition immediately. With similar rain coming in on Friday Evening, many feared that this regional would mirror that of RedBud the week before. A complete, mud race.

For a regional, per rider, there are often hundreds if not thousands of hours which have gone into preparation for this, and other qualifying events like it. For many, simply making it to the the ranch is an accomplishment in itself. For those reasons alone, put huge pressure on riders and promoters to make sure that a Regional race runs smoothly.

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HardlineMX | SCMX Loretta Lynn's Regional | Trackside report

Checking in at Spring Creek MX at the end of practice day during their 2018 Loretta Lynn's regional. Rain, ruts, and some tough competition should make this a great event to behold. For more video from this event, please keep an eye on HardlineMX


ARMCA District 23 | Catching up with Martin Brothers and Ryan Dungey

Listen in as these role models talk about the sport, and the importance of representing Minnesota to the world of Motocross. 


Featuring, Alex Martin, Jeremy Martin, Ryan Dungey


Chanhassen Public Library has posted the entire speech and interview session. Check it out on YouTube!


HMX Rewind | Best Of The Midwest R3 - Norfolk || HardlineMX

HardlineMX Rewind from round 3 of the 2018 Motosport Best Of The Midwest MX Championship Series at 320MX Park in Norfolk, Nebraska.


HMX GoPro | Casey Hultgren - Norfolk BoMW (Saturday Open Practice) || HardlineMX

Ride along with Casey Hultgren during Saturday open practice at round 3 of the 2018 Motosport Best Of Midwest Championship MX Series at 320MX Park in Norfolk, Nebraska.