Loretta Lynn's 2015 (Tuesday Update)

With a heat index well into the 100s, today was a great day for me to spend a good amount of time “traveling” to the ranch. My schedule aside, Loretta Lynn’s waits for nobody, and started off hot and heavy for our northern natives who made the trek down.

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Loretta Lynn's Preview #2 - Henry Miller, Kyra & Josh Boaz, Nick Schnagl, Jesse Wentland.

Now with our 2nd and final preview before Loretta Lynn's HardlineMX checks in with a small sample of riders who qualified for 2015. Listen in as we chat with Henry Miller, Kyra & Josh Boaz, Nick Schnagl & as special interview with Jesse Wentland. 
Please keep tuned to HardlineMX for more features from Loretta Lynn's 2015, as well as other Motorsports media!



2015 Millville Amateur Rewind ft. Miller - Wise - Gassert - Felong | HardlineMX

HardlineMX Rewind video from the Donny Schmit Memorial Race/Pro Track Challenge Amateur Days at Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, MN.

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GoPro | Henry Miller | Spring Creek Pro Track Challenge

Ride along with Henry Miller as he takes on the Pro Track Challenge at Spring Creek MX Park, directly after the 2015 Pro National event at Millville Minnesota. Follow up Henry at @H_Miller29 on Instagram! 

Timelapse | Spring Creek MX Track building contest

Take a quick look as hopeful future professional track builders work to perfect their skills. All events took place during the Spring Creek MX track building event, during Pro National weekend. Those interested in taking the win next year, may want to watch closely ;) .