So what the heck is Hardline MX?

Hardline MX hopes to be one of your daily stops for Motocross content from here going forward. Simply because this site is run by people dedicated to the sport in ways that go beyond just riding, or watching local races. HardlineMX isn't just an other online MX news site,  we are also here to help get riders noticed, as well as being a place for hopeful future professional photographers, videographers, and journalists to hone their skills.

If you are interested in joining our ranks to report local races you attend, videos of riders you know, links to awesome MX sites, or to submit other content, please hit the contact us link above, and send us an example of your work (photo, video, or even a report) and we will work to find a way for you to get your work online. Please be aware that at this time HardlineMX has a contributor only website. While we would love to be able to pay for content, the overall goal of the site is to help get names out. We will always link back to your photography or personal blog site for any article you submit, in hopes you can grow with us.

So who is running HardlineMX? Check out the links below to the primary Editors / Contributors to the site. We will likely add more as time goes on, so check back here often!

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Hope to see you at the races! Braaaaap!