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STAFF WRITE-UP || ABOUT Jenny Ludowese

Hey all you motocross enthusiasts! My name's Jenny Ludowese, owner and operator of JL Photography, and I’m here to tell you a little bit about who I am and my ongoing passion for photography! When you see me, chances are I will always have a camera in my hand, whether it's at the tracks or just hanging out with friends. I’m one of those people who see the world better through the eyes of my lens, and try to capture every unforgettable moment that people sometimes tend to overlook.

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Hot Lap With Aaron Boatman @ Midway MX (Kellog)

For those that haven't seen the changes to Midway MX in Kellog, Here's a choice Helmet camera preview for those that hope to ride there later this year. The rider who submitted this video is Aaron Boatman out of Andover Minnesota. Big thanks to him and his father Steve for letting us use this clip.

Aaron Boatman will be one of our first featured riders on Hardline MX later this week, so keep an eye open for that coverage as well. 

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MXMAtt Block Pass - Kellog MX weekend June 24 2012

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend at Midway MX in Kellog Minnesota, along with some great friends and great track conditions overall. Motokazie has been running Midway MX for a few years now, and it has become one of my most favorite local tracks to ride within that timeframe. While some say it is due for a massive refresh, I am one that is fine with some tracks staying somewhat locked down with regards to the overall layout.  

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Byron MX Photo Report

I swear my car is going to blow up from all the driving I do.  To make things more fun there's no room for AC in my civic because the turbo is in way, so its so much fun driving back from sweating all day long #sarcasm.  Its a labor of love of course, pulling another double header this weekend.  I headed out to Byron Sunday morning June 10th after shooting Joliet the night before.

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Joliet MX Arsenal Series Photo Report

This past weekend the 9th of June was Joliet MX's round 5 of the Arsenal Series. It was way to hot outside as usual.  I'm more of an AC type of person, I wish my photos could show how damn hot it is outside lol.  Of course the riders are taking it even more in full gear riding full blast, but hey I can complain too. 

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