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Arsenal Series in Full Swing: Joliet MX Round 4

Arsenal Series in Full Swing: Joliet MX Round 4

Saturday night the 19th of May marked the start of round 4 for the Arsenal Series at Joliet MX.  The weather was quite unseasonably hot at 90 degrees; it certainly played a role in the racing.  Luckily the mains start as the sun is going down making the temperatures more tolerable and the riders a bit more comfortable, while they chase each other down looking for victory. The track had been plagued by the heavy rains the week before putting it almost underwater.  The entire surface was over-hauled during the week heading up to the race and everything was looking amazing out there come race day. 

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Nuclear Series Heating Up - Byron MX Round 3

Sunday the 13th of May marked the start of the 3rd round of the Nuclear Series at Byron Motorsports Park.  The weather was amazing all day as well as the track conditions.  In spring of last year the track was completely over-hauled and still is receiving, improvements making it a great motocross track to come visit!  The facility at Byron is massive to say the least.  With their main motocross track taking up the most space, there is also a second track known as the Hilltop track to contend with.  Byron also offers a large area for camping; it makes a great place to spend your Sunday afternoon. 

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MXMatt Block Pass - Coming Back on track.  

It has been a long time since I have graced the site I am assisting in creating among some other great photographers. Sadly, to say I enjoyed my time away would be completely incorrect. During a trip up to Cambridge Minnesota to cover their season opener, and to start serious work on launching this site, I received word of a tragic accident that claimed the lives of 5 of my closest friends (whom I consider family), and hospitalized 8 others.

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Taking the inside line: Stateline MX Round 3

Flying over the first jump

This weekend marked the third race of the season for the district 17 track, Stateline MX.  The track out at Stateline is a really great setup making for some exciting races through-out the evening.  Immediately upon entering the track it reminded me of an Arenacross track.  A tight winding track, with plenty of obstacles, large jumps and unique turns to make the racing fast and reminds you anything can happen. A couple features of note would start with the second turn. After you hit the large jumps from the start you find a very tight low to high hairpin where a lot of passing was happening. You also find a straight section into a chicane before the large berm to take the large finish line jump, add to that a long section of whoops and the track is quite technical. 

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A Trip to Megacross - Photo Report

The past weekend I made my way out to Megacross in Mendota IL to shoot some photos.  This was my first time out at the track and it was a really nice setup.  Lots of big jumps, some tighter sections to make things interesting and an overall fast moving track.  The classes were packing into the gates coming out 15-20 wide and made for several rather bad incidences off the line.  The quads were out in full force as well, blitzing around the track making some great action for everyone.   I was only there to shoot photos this weekend so I dont have a race report to type up, but please enjoy some shots from the evening!


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