Leading Into Millville 2012


Photo By Steve Boatman

Prep work has already been underway for the 2012 Millville Pro national, and has been for some time now. This week has seen it's share of tree trimming, painting, mowing, and assembly of extra structures to prepare for the thousands of spectators who will likely attend. While it may take a while to match or exceed the spectator levels back during Ricky Charmichael's final race there, Millville remains one of the highly popular stops during the outdoor national series.

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Jordan 7-7 Photo Report

Bo Schuette started off the afternoon event with a solid ride in Quad pro class. He would battle hard at the beginning of both motos to gain a strong 1st place lead against Joe Strebel.

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MXMatt Block Pass - Not Just Friday Night Lights

I guess if you were to call a place my home track, it would be the Jordan Supercross. Nested within the Scott County fairgrounds since 1997, Jordan Supercross is now one of the best known Motocross related events within Minnesota, drawing riders in from all over, including neighboring states. I have been a spectator at that track since the beginning, and a rider since 2002, making it an important place in my little MX heart for quite some time.

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Block Pass - A Weekend At Rest (July 4th Week ahead)

Millville Pro National 2011

Because of the firestorm of activity I expect to be involved in for the next few weeks, I decided to spend the weekend catching up on some home tasks, and a bit of rest. This isn't to say nothing happened during the weekend with regards to MX overall.

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Photo Report - Budds Creek Pro National

 Story and photos by, Jenny Ludowese

After 25 long hours in the car we were ready to finally be at the hotel in California, Maryland about 30 minutes from Budds Creek!  We went out to the track on Friday because neither of us had ever been there.  We wanted to check everything out!  Budds Creek is one amazing track.  It has huge trees for shading the fans, and an awesome layout for fans to see a lot of the track from one spot. I felt like I didn't have enough time to run all over the place to take photos everywhere I wanted to. I will for sure be making another appearance there for the 2013 season! When it came time for racing all the fans were just as excited as the racers. I can say 100% that Budds Creek is my new favorite track I've ever been to!

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