Video - Anoka July 2012 Supercross


Summer Supercross Tour in full swing  

For years now, local promoter Motokazie has put together a traveling Supercross series that mimics the Monster Energy version we all watch on TV or in Stadiums across the nation. The Motokazie version doesn't exactly visit mega stadiums, however, it does make it to multiple states, and various small to medium size towns across the upper Midwest. For a kid, or an amateur, this can feel a bit like a privateer would, traveling to various Supercross events across the country. The best part about these races is the relaxed, family / friend oriented feel they give. It is easy to see most of the track from one vantage point, and to cheer on your favorite riders!

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Millville Pro National highlight Video


JEP 2 Minute Board - Millville Pro National Photo Report


Millville 2012 was another great day for motocross. The temps were in the 90's and the sun was shining. It gave away for a great day of racing!

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MXP Magazine - Millville Photo Report by Matt Wellumson

Our awesome friends over at MXP Magazine have posted up a photo report done by myself  during the Spring Creek pro national last weekend. The link to that content is below, but I strongly suggest taking a close look at other features on MXP after you are done looking through the report. MXP keeps track of the entire world of Motocross in Canada, and important events held in the US or the rest of the world. 

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Recent news on MXP also includes updates on US riders competing in Canada; including that of Tyler Villopoto, Matt Goerke, and Bobby Kiniry. Many of these riders are taking the opportunity to race in Canada over the summer months, with some (like Matt Goerke) returning to the US to compete in the winter Supercross series.

Now here comes the question of the day, how many of you knew that Ryan's brother, Tyler Villopoto was actively competeing in a Motocross series this summer!?