HMX GoPro | Casey Hultgren - Oak Ridge BoMW (+25 B/C - Moto 2) || HardlineMX

Ride along with Casey Hultgren during moto 2 of the +25 B/C class at round 6 of the 2018 Motosport Best Of Midwest Championship MX Series at Oak Ridge MX in Garwin, IA.

RAW Clips | 250B Limited Moto #1 | Boaz & Aspros LLMX 2018

RAW and not edited, take a look back of Moto #1 of 250B Limited at the 2018 stop at Loretta Lynn's MX.  In this video, we follow along with Austin Aspros, and Josh Boaz during their 1st moto in this class. 


Loretta Lynn's 2018 | Tuesday 2-Strokes RAW


Hop on and ride along as we follow some of the 2-stroke action that took place on the first day of competition at Loretta Lynn's 2018. We follow some riders who call the upper midwest home, as well as show some of the fast competition they are competing with.



Blockpass Blog || Motocross, where is the individuality, and what makes a sponsor?

 Matt Wellumson | Owner / Editor HardlineMX

Recently having returned form my annual trip to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, I am again impacted by the same session of thoughts that hit me every season. First off, I continue to ask myself why I stand outside for hours at a time for what amounts to pennies on the dollar as compared to my normal salary which includes a decent air conditioned office. I always come back to the fact that I love this sport, and watching the progress of riders who have moved up over the years. Thankfully, this is rewarding enough to fuel my trackside interests.

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Loretta Lynn's || Pre Practice session || Boaz & Clough Brothers

We took a trip to one of the many practice tracks near Loretta Lynn's ranch, to watch some of our ARMCA District 23 riders get some laps in before official practice. In this video we follow along with James and Jayden Clough, as well as Josh Boaz.