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Little Falls LLAQ || Supermini Battles || Trevin Nelson | Cameron Skaalerud 

In this video we take a moment to talk to two up and coming rippers from the upper midwest, Trevin Nelson, and Cameron Skaalerud both from Minnesota. Here at the Loretta Lynn's area qualifer, these two riders were in intense battles on track, pushing each rider to the limits of speed and grip. Take a moment to listen in, as well as watch some of the raw footage from the races.
Huge thanks to the folks at Custom Apparel for sponsoring this event for us here at HardlineMX
Music by Agrofox

HardlineMX || Block Pass || Little Falls Loretta Lynn's Area (Saturday) 

Casey Hultgren and Matt Wellumson take you through the first day of competition during the 1st day of competition at the Motocity Little Falls Area qualifier. Keep tuned to HardlineMX for more from this event!

Huge thanks to Custom Apparel Inc., for the Threads, and great support of our work!


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HMX Raw Clips | Mora D23 (4/23) | HardlineMX

Watch the latest HMX Raw Clips from the Open "A" and Schoolboy 1 classes at Berm Benders Raceway in Mora, MN of the 2017 ARMCA AMA District 23 MX Championship Series.

Open "A"

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HMX GoPro | Casey Hultgren - Mora D23 (+25 "A" - Moto 1) | HardlineMX 

Race along with Casey Hultgren in moto 1 of +25 "A" at Berm Benders Raceway in Mora, MN.

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